Pres. Weah Vows To Win 2023 Elections… As Over 40 Lawmakers Reaffirm Support for His Re-election Bid

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper
The Political Leader of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), President George Manneh Weah has assured Liberians of his re-election in the October 10, 2023 Elections.

The Liberian Leader’s statement followed an acceptance of an endorsement and reaffirmation of his candidacy for reelection by over 40 members of the 54th Liberian Legislature.

On Tuesday, 13 June 2023, the CDC Legislative Caucus and several other lawmakers endorsed and reaffirmed their decision to President Weah’s reelection at the CDC headquarters in Monrovia. They include: Rep. Johnson Gwaikolo(Nimba), Rep. Acarous Gray (Montserrado), Rep Isaac Roland(Maryland), Rep Thomas Fallah(Montserrado), Rep Matthew Joe(Grand Bassa), Rep Julie Wiah(Lofa), Rep Bishop Mannah Johnson (Bomi), Rep Rosana Schaack(Rivercess) and Rep Dixon Siebo(Montserrado). Others are
Rep Haja Fattah Siryon(Bomi),
Rep Joseph Sonwarbi(Nimba),Rep Gonpue Kargon(Nimba), Rep Finda Gborie Lassana(Bomi), Deputy Speaker Fonati Koffa(Grand Kru), Rep Matthew Zarzar(Sinoe),Rep Mary Kawor(Grand Bassa)Rep Mambu Sonii(Grand CapeMount),Rep Marvin Cole(Bong), Rep Sampson Wiah (Sinoe), Rep Frank Saah Foko(Montserrado),
Speaker Bhofal Chambers (Maryland),Senator Ghlebo Brown(Maryland), Senator Augustine Chea(Sinoe),Senator Numene Bartekwa(Grand Kru),Senator Emmanuel Nuquay(Margibi),Senator Morris Saytumah(Bomi),Senator Simeon Taylor(Grand CapeMount), Senator Zoe Emmanuel Pennue(Grand Gedeh)
Senator Marshall Dennis(Grand Gedeh),Protemp Albert Chie(Grand Kru), Rep. Francis Young(Sinoe),
Senator Edwin Snowe(Bomi), Rep. George Samah(Montserrado), Rep. Emerson Kamara(Grand CapeMount), Rep. Edward Flomo(Montserrado), Rep Marimu Fofana(Lofa), Rep. Vicent Willie(Grand Bassa),
Rep. Tiberosa Tarponweh(Margibi)
Rep Ivar Jones(Margibi), Rep. Clarence Gahr(Margibi),
Rep. Alfred Koiwood(Gbarpolu), Senator Joseph Jallah(Lofa) and
Rep. Prince Tokpah(Nimba) respectfully.

According to the Lawmakers, their action is triggered by the many developments carried out by the Weah-led government.

Receiving the endorsement President Weah said that the action of the lawmakers shows that he is leading Liberia to a prosperous path and it is also a step toward reclaiming victory in the 2023 elections.

He noted that his opponents will be defeated in the October polls owing to the many tangible developments carried out by his government across the country.

President Weah named macroeconomic stability and transformation of all sectors, free tuition policy for public schools and colleges, payment of WASSCE fees for high school students, and the building of hospitals, and roads among others as reasons he will be reelected.

“Our accomplishments during my first term have been significant,” he said amid thunderous applauses. We have transformed the face of our nation through infrastructure development, empowered our youth to become the driving force of change, and achieved economic stability that has positively impacted the lives of countless Liberians.

He added that the achievements are a testament to the resilience and determination of our people.

Weah told partisans and supporters of the CDC that his endorsement is a result of his immeasurable love for Liberia and its people.

He furthered that his government remains committed to ensuring that Liberia is on the path with other developed nations. “Together, we will shape the future of our great nation. Victory is not just within our grasp; it is inevitable. “Victory is not just within our grasp; it is inevitable. I am convinced that the Liberian electorates, wise and discerning, will make the right choice by returning us to office. They will witness the strength and unity of the CDC as we march towards an overwhelming triumph. The Liberian people know that our unwavering dedication to their well-being sets us apart,” Weah said further.

He, however, promised Liberians of upholding the country’s democratic system of governance for a better Liberia. “Let me assure you, my fellow compatriots, that the upcoming elections will be nothing short of a shining example of democracy in action. As the great Nelson Mandela once said, “The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its citizens during the election process.” We are committed to upholding the democratic principles that underpin our Nation, and as I have repeatedly promised, my Government will ensure a free, fair, transparent, credible, and peaceful electoral process.

According to him, the CDC as a political institution will always give back to the Liberian people rather than giving false promises like the opposition.

He assured CDCians in particular and Liberians in general that their voices remain supreme in the governing process of the country. “The opposition may try to impede our progress, but they shall not prevail. They will witness the strength and unity of the CDC as we march towards an overwhelming triumph. The Liberian people know that our unwavering dedication to their well-being sets us apart. While our opponents resort to empty promises and divisive tactics, we remain steadfast in our commitment to deliver tangible results that transform lives. My fellow Liberians, as we approach the upcoming elections, rest assured that your voice will be heard. The will of the people is an unstoppable force, and together, we will shape the future of our great nation. Victory is not just within our grasp; it is inevitable”, he added.
Critics say most of the Lawmakers who endorsed the President were staunch supporters of his political ambitions from the start and as such, there was no need for a called rally to indicate support.

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