More Women Top Pres. Boakai’s Appointment List

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia -January 26,2024: The representation of Liberian women in key leadership positions seems to be a priority for the Boakai and Koung regime as women top key Ministerial positions in the president’s early nominations. With thirty two nominations made by the President so far, women are placed at the top six positions which include: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, Ministry of Health and Education.

These women include: Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti, Minister of Foreign Affairs designate, Dr. Jarso Jallah Saygbe, Minister of Education designate, Dr. Louise Kpoto, Minister of Health Designate, and Ms. Kula Bonah Nyei Fofana , Presidential Press Secretary designate.
Others are: Madam Gbeme Horace Kollie, Minister of Gender Children and Social Protection designate, madam Tanneh Branson, as Deputy Minister for Budget and Development Planning at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning designate.

Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti – MoF

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s pick for the post of Foreign Minister Madam Sara Frances Beysolow Nyanti is an international development expert and Liberian clergy. She has more than 20 years of professional experience.

Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti was one of the twenty presidential candidates who participated in Liberia’s October 10, 2023, general elections. She is a Liberian with roots from Cape Mount, Margibi, and Montserrado Counties. Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti’s incredible journey with the United Nations began in the early 2000s in Liberia and took her on a whirlwind journey managing teams to save lives and contribute to nation-building in many countries around the world such as Nepal, Namibia, Nigeria, Yemen, the Gambia, and South Sudan amongst others.

Before going to the United Nations, she also worked for the Government of the Republic of Liberia as a Special Assistant to the Minister of Health, subsequently she was appointed as director of the National Aids Control Program where she’s credited for writing Liberia’s first successful project for the Global funds for AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GFATM).

While at the United Nations, Madam Beysolow exercised her strong leadership abilities my the integrity required to manage an annual budget of over 1 billion in conflict contexts with excellent audits and no case of misuse of funds or property of the United Nations. And the system that she designed to pay cash to the poor people of Yemen is now being used in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Sudan.

Dr. Jarso Jallah Saygbe – MoE

Liberia’s prospective Education Minister Dr. Jarso Jallah Saygbe currently serves as Associate Vice President (AVP) for the Office of Student Success at Delaware State University. As AVP, she provides leadership and strategic direction in the areas of academic advising, retention, academic support, and student success, through the implementation of initiatives addressing the needs of all students, especially about navigating the student experience.

With over 20 years of progressive leadership experience, Dr. Jallah Saygbe focuses on enhancing student success and learning through inclusive, student-centered programs and services that positively influence the student life cycle.

She works to ensure students are set up for success from orientation through graduation and beyond, with keen attention to providing programs and services that help students establish a sense of belonging, and participate in high-impact experiential learning as they work to achieve their academic goals.

Dr. Jallah Saygbe holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Delaware State University, an M.A. in Counseling from Rhode Island College, and a B.A. in Communication and Sociology from Rhode Island College.

Dr. Louise Cleo Mac Kpoto – MOH

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s nominee for the post of Health Minister, Dr. Louise Cleo Mac Kpoto is a Visionary Leader for Liberia’s Health: Minister of Health Designate

Dr. Louise Cleo Mac Kpoto is one of Liberia’s most prominent healthcare leaders. Dr. Kpoto, a respected medical doctor, fertility specialist, and public health expert, has made an indelible impression on the nation’s health sector with her steadfast devotion to expanding healthcare services.

Dr. Kpoto’s academic journey reflects her dedication to mastering various facets of medicine. Holding a Doctor of Medicine from the A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine at the University of Liberia, furthered her expertise by obtaining a Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the University of Nairobi. Her pursuit of excellence continued with a Ph.D. in Tropical Medicine from the University of Liverpool, making her a globally recognized authority in her field. Additionally, she earned a Master of Public Health from Tulane University’s School of Public Health, showcasing her holistic approach to healthcare.

Dr. Kpoto stands as the first Fertility Specialist in Liberia skilled in Advanced Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), a Merck Foundation Alumni. Her groundbreaking work in this area, not only addresses a critical aspect of reproductive health but also positions Liberia at the forefront of modern fertility practices.

A true advocate for the welfare of health professionals, Dr. Kpoto served as the President of the Liberia Medical and Dental Association (LMDA). Under her leadership, the association witnessed tangible improvements, including salary increments for medical doctors. This reflects her relentless commitment to bettering the working conditions and livelihoods of healthcare professionals across Liberia.

Dr. Kpoto’s extensive clinical background includes significant roles at JFK Maternity Center and Redemption Hospital, where she contributed to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Before her advanced studies, she served in the Department of Vital Statistics at the Ministry of Health, showcasing a diverse range of experiences that uniquely qualify her for leadership in the health sector.

Dr. Kpoto’s advocacy is not limited to healthcare alone. As the first female Student General and President of the Student Unification Party (SUP), she demonstrated early leadership skills and a commitment to inclusivity in traditionally male-dominated spaces.

Ms. Kula Bonah Nyei Fofana – PPS

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. on Thursday, January 25, 2024, appointed Ms. Kula Bonah Nyei Fofana as Presidential Press Secretary. The appointment takes immediate effect.

Ms. Fofana comes to the position with deep knowledge in public relations and communication. Kula Fofana is Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at David A. Straz Technical and Vocational College of the University of Liberia and a student of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.

She currently serves as the President of People’s Foundation Africa (PFA), an organization working for marginalized and hard-to-reach communities in Liberia and across Africa.

Before co-founding the PFA, she served the Liberian government as Assistant Minister for Youth Development, Co-Chaired Liberia’s Vision 2030, and headed the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP) Adolescent Girls Division.

She has also consulted with several agencies of the United Nations including UNFPA and UN-Habitat, among others. For many years she worked in civil society organizations on issues related to young women and girls, youth, and vulnerable populations. Kula was a 2019 Senatorial Candidate for the Grand Cape Mount County Senatorial By-Election in Western Liberia.

She holds a Graduate Certificate in International Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C., and a BA in Mass Communications, graduating cum-laude from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Liberia. Kula is an activist with interests in social and transitional justice, diversity, and feminism. She is also a farmer.

Madam Gbeme Horace Kollie- MoGCSP

Madam Gbeme Horace Kollie comes to the position with knowledge and expertise on women development, social protection, women rights and children protection.

She served as Assistant Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Internal Affairs during President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime.

Gbeme holds a Master of Arts in International Relations & Diplomacy at the Foreign Services Institute in 2007, a Graduate of the African Methodist Episcopal University class of 2001.

Madam Gbeme is also, a graduate of the Lutheran Training Institute class of 1990
She has worked with international organizations and partners to include: the United Nations, UN Women, ZOA amongst others.

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