House Speaker Appoints Three Key Statutory Committees Heads

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Capitol Hill, January 24, 2024: The Speaker of the 55th Legislature Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has made several appointments affecting the Executive, Foreign Affairs, Rules, Order and Administration Committees at the House of Representatives.

The appointments were made Tuesday, 23rd January 2024 during the 4th Day Sitting of the 1st Quarter of the 1st Session.

Making the pronouncement, House Speaker Cllr. Koffa named Montserrado County District #7 Lawmaker Emmanuel Dahn as Chair on Executiveand Rep. Samuel Enders of District #6 Montserrado County as Co-chair.

For the committee on Foreign Affairs, Hon. Taa Wongbe of District #9, Nimba County was appointed as Chair, while the ruling Unity Party Lawmaker Hon. Richard Koon was named Co-chair.
The committee on Foreign Affairs is responsible to oversee matters of international relations and diplomacy.

On the Committee on Rules, Order and Administration of the House of Representatives, Hon. J Marvin Cole of District #3 Bong County was appointed Chair while Hon Abu Kamara of District #15, Montserrado County as Co-chair.

According to Speaker Koffa, the appointment is aimed at creating a well balanced and effective Legislature. Hon. Koffa at the same time said he believes those appointed will work diligently in shaping the decisions with in their respective committees for the interest of the Liberian people.

“I am confident that these distinguished individuals will bring their unique skills and perspectives to their respective committees, contributing to the overall success of our legislative agenda. Together, we will work towards building a stronger and more prosperous Liberia,”Speaker Koffa said.

Reacting to the appointment, Rep. Emmanuel Dahn, Chairman appointed on Executive, assured members of the 55th Legislature that there will be a balanced of function between the Legislature and the Executive branches of government.

He noted that under his leadership, the House of Representatives Committee on Executive will contribute to the execution of key policies between both branches of government.

‘’I am grateful to the speaker, deputy speaker and my colleagues for this preferment. I will use my connection and the relationship I have with members of the Executive branch of Government to get the best ideas that will proffer the agenda of the Liberian people’’, he added.

The Executive Committee of the House of Representatives focuses on matters related to the executive branch of government and governmental administrations.

For his part, the newly appointed Chair on the committee of Rules, Order and Administration, Hon. Marvin Cole vowed to ensure the orderly conduct of legislative proceedings in the incoming one hundred days.

‘’We are going to structure this place (Capitol Build). In the next 30 days, all of the bathrooms will be functioning well to stop people from urinating around the building’’ Rep. Cole noted.

The Rules and Order Committee is charged with the responsibility to orderly conduct proceedings, upholding parliamentary standards for a transparent and effective legislative procession.

Article 38 of the Constitution empowers both houses of the Legislature to create both committees and sub-committees, with the only caveat being that the Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget is required to consist of one representative from each county.

The Speaker is powered to appoint all chairpersons and members of the House’s committee.

‘’Each House shall establish its own committees and sub-committee; provided, however, that the committees on revenues and appropriations shall consist of one members of each County’’, Article 38 of the Liberian Constitution

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