V.P Koung Challenges Senators To Meet Liberians’ Expectations

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-January 26,2024: During his first day presiding over the 4th day sitting of the Liberian Senate, Vice President Jeremiah Kpann Koung has challenged the new and old members of the plenary to work collectively in addressing the needs of the Liberian people.

According to V.P Koung, the citizenry vigorously voted the rescue mission to effectively meet their needs and wants, as such; Senators should put political differences aside and work in the interest of the Liberian people.

“Distinguished Senators, these are the enormous responsibilities which confront this noble body, and we must embrace it without any degree of doubts.
As we commence our deliberations, we must perform our collective responsibilities with a deep sense of patriotism, bearing in mind that the true
PROTECTORS of the political power we possess are the PEOPLE; thus the welfare of the Liberian People should constitute the overarching focus of our developmental agendas and attending debates.
This is the assignment we have chosen, and our performance will be judged by it.”

He outlined accountability, respect for the rule of law, employment opportunities, investment, implementation of policies that address socio-economic needs as top expectations of the Liberian people.

“Now, I stand here to remind this August Body that Our People are demanding a drastic change in our leadership paradigm; Our People are yearning for accountability and the respect for the rule of law, they are seeking opportunities for employment and investments, they are demanding the rebirth of the merit- based system, where competence and results are the primary focus of Our public sector, they are anticipating that we will enact laws and implement policies which address their socio-economic needs, and they are in a state of high expectation that we will strengthen our Nation’s relationship with international partner”

The Vice President emphasized the need for lawmakers to buildup to their responsibilities and leave no room for excuses in executing their obligations.

“I sat in this chamber with an understanding that the 103 Lawmakers who represent the Liberian people have an uncommon privilege; we carry the burdens, dreams and aspirations of our people, and their survival depend on the decisions that we make.
We must remain conscious that the urgent responsibility which comes with this assignment gives no room for excuses; all of us are required to deliver on our promises”

However, Vice President Koung mentioned the diversity posed by 2023 elections in Liberia, while urging Liberians to build a new mindset and reconcile their political differences.

“Our recent elections results point to the diversity of our political views and aspirations. We have a shared responsibility to promote reconciliation and demonstrate true leadership in bringing our people together under the umbrella of peace and national development.

Let us embrace a new mindset now that elections are over, eliminate the idea of a Green or Blue Liberia, and give every Liberian the opportunity to contribute his or her quota to nation-building”

He then called on Liberians to nurture peace inorder to build the nation.
“As we strive to enhance our Nation’s place amongst the comity of Nations, may we never forget that the most important ingredient for Nation building is PEACE”

Meanwhile, Vice President Koung also expressed his gratitude to international communities, CSOs and other partners for their contribution in the 2023 General Presidential and Representatives Elections in the country.
“We also express gratitude to Our international partners and friends of Liberia, civil society organizations, nongovernmental organizations, religious institutions, the youth, the media, the people of Liberia and all other stakeholders who continue to work to protect our fledgling democracy and contribute to our Nation’s growth and development”

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