House Committee Chair on Gender Demands Retrial in Acquittal of American Missionary Richards Amid Claims of Legal Bias

Liberia: The House of Representatives Chairperson on Gender and Social Protection and Bong County District 6 Representative Moima Briggs Mensah is calling for a retrial in the recent acquittal of American missionary Lucas Richards on charges of attempted murder against his Liberian wife, Jessica Lloyd.

Rep. Mensah criticized the court’s decision, suggesting it reflects a troubling bias in favor of foreign nationals within Liberia’s legal system.

The verdict handed down by Criminal Court B Presiding Judge Nelson Chineh has shocked and angered many, with numerous women’s advocacy groups joining Mensah in calling for a reexamination of the evidence. Critics argue that the court’s ruling dismisses the seriousness of the case and undermines justice for Lloyd, who narrowly escaped death in the alleged attack.

Lloyd herself expressed disbelief and condemnation of the verdict, stating that the evidence against Richards was clear and convincing. Her emotional reaction, shared outside the courtroom, mirrored the sentiments of many who believe the outcome reveals a failure of the Liberian legal system.

The case has raised pressing questions about the integrity of the justice system, with critics pointing out potential disparities in legal outcomes when cases involve international defendants. Many argue that if the roles were reversed and an African national faced similar charges in the United States, a guilty verdict would have been inevitable.

Adding to the controversy, reports suggest Richards may be planning to leave the country following his acquittal, prompting fears that he could evade accountability altogether. This development has intensified calls for a retrial and heightened scrutiny of Liberia’s handling of the case.

The case has become a flashpoint for discussions around justice, accountability, and the need for systemic reform in Liberia’s courts. As the demand for a retrial grows louder, the world watches to see whether the legal system will rise to the challenge and uphold the principles of fairness and justice for all parties involved.

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