“Anti-Corruption Institutions need Adequate Support” Stakeholders Stress at CENTAL’s Policy Dialogue

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-April 17,2024:
With funding from the Embassy of Sweden in Liberia and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia recently held a daylong “Anti-Corruption Policy Dialogue”under the theme: Increasing Funding to Anti-Corruption Efforts: Benefits and Recommended Actions.

The dialogue was intended to enhance the effectiveness of the national budget as a tool for anti-corruption initiatives and reforms.

With key Objectives: to facilitate evidence-based discussion and information sharing among stakeholders on the state andimportance/benefits of anti-corruption financing in Liberia; and to mobilize stakeholders’ inputs and support for efforts aimed at advocating for increased budgetary support to anti-corruption efforts and initiatives in Liberia.

In a panel discussion, Ley stakeholders highlighted the importance of anti-corruption entities having adequate budgetary allocations to smoothly perform.

The Panalists which included Mr. P. Garswa Jackson of General Auditing Commission, Cllr. Alexandra K. Zoe of Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, Representative Clarence G. Gahr spoke on various issues affecting the effective operations of anti-graft institutions.

According to the Director General of the General Auditing Commission, transparency institutions have not been lacking quality support because of low revenues but because the relevant authorities are yet to punch full support in that area.

“Lack of support to integrity institutions is not because we are not raising revenue. Anti-graft institutions need adequate support” Mr. Garswa Jackson Director General of GAC said.

However, Senator Amara Konneh of Gbarpolu County attributed the failure of Liberia to fight corruption to the National Legislature. In his statement, the Legislature as a first body has never conducted audit on itself as such, it’s difficult to impose higher oversight on ministries and agencies.

“The legislature is the problem”Senator Konneh said.

Also, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Fonati Koffa further emphasised calls for increased funding to anti- corruption agencies. According to him, if corruption must be curtailed, everyone has to put their feet on the ground to ensure systems are in place.

“We need to do more in terms of funding, Public account needs to put in place a system to audit. We will have to fight corruption ourselves, we will have to put our feet down” Speaker Koffa stressed.

Further, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance reaffirmed government’s commitment to fighting corruption in Liberia.

“Government of Liberia, Ministry of Finance is open to transparency and we are your partner in progress”Saliho A Donzo, Ministry of Finance.

Meanwhile, Madam Nikolina Stalhand from the Embassy of Sweden also reaffirmed the Swedish government’s commitment to supporting transparency and accountability in Liberia.

Center for Transparency and Accountability is a civil society institution working in to eradicate corruption.

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