“Was Jessica Denied Justice”Public Raises Questions as Court Sets American Missionary Lucas Richard Free

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper. Gmail:jeremiahcooper105@gmail.com

Monrovia – Tensions are running high as the Liberian public especially women react with shock and outrage to the release of American missionary Lucas Richard, accused of attempt to murder his wife, Jessica Lloyd.

Despite fervent calls for justice, On April 17, 2024, Richard was set free by Criminal Court B due to a purported lack of substantial evidence.

Lucas Richard, known for his missionary work in Liberia, found himself at the center of a legal storm after being accused of a heinous crime against his wife, Jessica Lloyd, a Liberian woman.

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 3 PM, it was alleged that Richards drove the victim, Jessica Lloyd, around Dixville, Caldwell in Montserrado County, where he attacked and injured her, leaving her with lacerations on her neck, the back of her head and fingers.

The American national was arrested two days later by the Liberia National Police and charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Aggravated Assault.

However, critic believes that the hope for justice was dashed when the court ruled in favor of Richard’s release, citing insufficient evidence to proceed with the case.
The verdict has left Jessica Lloyd, the alleged victim, devastated and hopeless.

In a live video circulating on social media following the court’s decision, Lloyd was seen in tears, pouring out her anguish and frustration, as she unleashed curses on her husband, the American missionary.

The swift and unexpected turn of events has ignited a firestorm of controversy on social media, with many Liberians expressing their disbelief and anger at what they perceive as a grave injustice. The judgment has prompted widespread condemnation, with citizens decrying the perceived leniency shown to a foreign national accused of a violent crime against a Liberian citizen.

“We need to PROTEST our justice system!!! We need this case to get back on the air Immediately. We need to spread the word here in IOWA….. I blame our own Liberian people.. if Lucas get away freely, it’s a shame and disgrace to our judiciary system!!!!!!!! We need JUSTICE for JESSICA” Famatta Carr a Facebook user said.

“The citizens should protest against the ruling of the Court, taking into consideration the testimony of the victim that points out the exact happenings” Emmanuel Ebenezer another Facebook user added.

Critics have questioned the integrity of the judicial system and raised concerns about the protection of victims’ rights in cases involving foreign individuals. The outcry underscores the deep-seated issues of inequality and impunity that continue to plague the country’s legal landscape.

As public scrutiny intensifies, calls for a review of the case and a reassessment of Liberia’s legal procedures have grown louder. The release of Lucas Richard has reignited discussions about the need for reforms to ensure fairness and accountability within the justice system.

In the wake of this controversial decision, the fate of Jessica Lloyd hangs in the balance, as she grapples with the aftermath of the alleged assault and the daunting prospect of seeking justice in a system that has seemingly failed her. The case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by victims of domestic violence and the imperative of upholding the principles of justice and equality for all.

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