By: Jerromie S. Walters

Lakpazee Airfield, Liberia: Liberia’s Minister of Gender Children and Social Protection, Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr has hailed Montserrado County District #9 Representative Frank Saah Foko for a sustained vocational education program for young people including women.

She acclaimed the District 9 Lawmaker for efforts applied in fulfilling his predecessor’s legacy, and creating intrinsic opportunities for his constituents.

Minister Saydee-Tarr spoke recently while serving as the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony of the Liberia Vocational Institute held at the Christ Pavilion Ministries International, in Car Wash, Lakpazee Airfield.

The Gender Minister urged the graduates to critically consider the significance of actualizing the knowledge acquired at the technical institution and put up the ability to market themselves and exhibit their best, in order to attract the attention of more people, as their lawmaker explore more empowerment and employment opportunities.

During the program, Rep. Foko disclosed plans for the establishment of a technical company and the construction of a Tailoring factory for the people of his District in an to boost employment.

Highlighting developmental plans for his District, the ruling party lawmaker said the technical company is specifically intended to meet the employment needs, of over 150 solar panel technicians, that recently graduated from the Liberia Vocational Institute.

He said his office is currently working with the school’s administration, and the recent graduating class, in order to locate a suitable place within the District to have the company’s headquarters erected.

The technical company, among other things, will govern the workings of its technicians; seek well paid employment, and ensure that their labor remain respected.

However, the tailoring factory will also provide the necessary basic clothing production services, and ease the stress of imported African fabrics. “The pro poor suits that we buying here, why should our sisters go to Ghana and Togo to sew suits and bring it to us when we Liberians can also make that same clothes and sell it to our government officials and other people in Liberia. So that money I suppose to take to share in communities, I will use that money to invest in building a tailoring factory that we will have over 200 machines, we will start to produce clothes, we will start to produce uniforms so that it can serve as a form of employment,” Representative Foko intruded.

At the same time, the Lawmaker called on other opposition figures and those within the District that are interested in occupying the position, to confront the challenge with ideas, rather than money, as he believes it has been to distract constituents’ minds.

He frowned at what he believed to be misinterpretation of his disclosure, regarding politicians corruption being prompted by pressure from constituents.

“Do not misquote, the energy that we use in this country to castigate our leaders because they don’t give us pocket change, if we as citizens can us it on positive things, Liberia will get better”

He believes money given to individuals directly for personal reasons, if use for empowerment purposes, will greatly improve the livelihood of the people.

Stressing on plans for 2023, the CDC Lawmaker said he has not decided as to whether he will contest or not, but he noted that he is more sensitive about fulfilling the legacy of his predecessor, as well as the many other projects he has embarked upon.

He however blasted individuals who often condemned him for his desire to continue the legacy of his successor. The lawmaker professed to believe that the legacy of his successor, is unarguably cardinal to the betterment of the people of his district, as such he doesn’t regret proceeding with it.

As the newly trained graduates prepare to explore to the larger society, the Lawmaker encouraged them to ensure that knowledge acquired during the months long training, is adequately practicalised in order to empower themselves and their families.

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