By: Jerromie S. Walters

Paynesville, Liberia: In an effort to boost skills training and Forster economic empowerment for women in Liberia, a local Non-governmental Organization under the banner, ‘Just a Girl Initiative”, recently launched a skills training program targeting over one hundred (100) women.

The Vocational Empowerment Program Launch according to the organization’s founder and Executive Director Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh, is part of the the organization’s expansion to increase girls and women access to opportunities in order to bring about economic reliance and financial independence to fight off their vulnerability.

Inline with it’s 2022 plan, the launching of the empowerment program at one of the biggest communities in Paynesville, targeted to generate aboutone thousand four hundred United States dollars (US$1,400) , to ease it’s financial burdens as the training is free for participants and it’s currently ongoing in Duazon, Lower Margibi County.

In an overview , Madam Seagbeh, stressed the need for extension of the vocational program to other parts of Montserrado County, noting that it is cardinal to serve as an added advantage for women that have long desired to acquire skills training, but have never had the finance.

A current beneficiary of skills training recounted her journey during the program. According to Beatrice Fanyan, prior to enrolling at the Organization’s training, she was completely illiterate to computer, but following the months long program, and through her testimony, she is now knowledgeable of computer.

Highlighting her experience from the production department, Martha Yasseyah, a trainee of the soap making department, was into a local business which she dropped upon being told about the program. Martha who is now familiar with the soap making and the production of her own chloride, noting that the soap production is now a major source of income for her.

She applauded the organization and its teaching staff for the transferred knowledge, to which her customers are immensely making huge purchase of her goods due to it’s quality. “It’s very common, but anything you don’t know it can look big in your eye, so after we started the class I was shocked, and today I can fix my own chloride. I can pay people to get the different sizes of bottles, then I can fix it and place it in the bottles for sale,” she said.

Serving as guest speaker, Unity Party Secretary General, Mohammed Ali lauded the organization for the initiative, and further called on the public to support such cause.

As beneficiaries of the Initiative have now established their own local businesses, he called on Liberians to recognize the essence of patronizing said businesses, stressing that the eradication of poverty in Liberia heavily relies on supporting Liberian small business owners.

Mo noted that effective support to locally made Liberian products, will unquestionably keep said business owners empowered and independent void of them being liability on society.

“These people deserve our fullest support because those smaller businesses are their major source of income, so if it fails, they will definitely become a burden to their lawmakers and those that can afford to aid them,” he asserted.

Emphasizing on the significance of “Determination and Courage”, Mr Ali urged trainees from the production department to effectuate and display the best in their work, as t has to propensity to encourage them to continue purchasing or stop purchasing the products completely. “If you are determined and you have the courage, nothing will to stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. Your life can not change if you are not determine to do it,” he urged.

Just A Girl Initiative is a non-profit organization founded in 2014, by Liberian female Journalist Evelyn Kpadeh Seagbeh to provide empowerment opportunities for girls and young women to reduce their vulnerability.

However, the NGO’s empowerment program started in 2017, specifically for women and girls in rural communities, who don’t have opportunities for employment.

Just a Girl Initiative’s mission is to increase girls and women access to opportunities to enable them live productively and self-sufficiently.

The Organization endeavours to provide opportunities through advocacy, vacation and economic empowerment, Sexual and Reproductive Health Education, Mentoring, Education, and Community Services.

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