“THE RULE OF LAW IS THE REMEDY TO SUSTAINABLE PEACE” VP Howard-Taylor Asserts At Botota Magisterial Court’s Dedication

By Staff Writer

Bong County, Liberia, April 26, 2022, WTVNEWS: Liberia’s Vice Chief Dr. President Jewel Howard-Taylor has indicated that the rule of law is the remedy to sustainable peace in any given society.

VP Howard-Taylor said there can be no sustainable development without sustained peace, saying “the Weah-led government remains committed to sustaining the peace through an independent and professional justice system.

The Vice President was speaking recently at programs marking the dedication of the Botota Magisterial Court of the 9th Judicial Circuit in Bong County.

VP Howard-Taylor lauded Chief Justice, His Honor Francis Korkpor, and International Partners, including the Swedish Government, for the Court’s construction project, which she said will ensure access to justice for the people in Bong county and parts adjacent.

The VP Taylor used the occasion to frown on some Liberian constructors who she said are in the constant habit of defrauding on contracts awarded to them.

Her comments followed an earlier statement by Chief Justice Korkpor that the construction of the Court was delayed due to defrauding on the part of a Liberian contractor who was awarded the contract.

The VP said establishing a corruption court would address many of the corrupt acts exhibited against the state and individuals.

She maintained that a corruption court was necessary in Liberia, especially at the time when anti-graph entities were gathering pieces of evidence on most of these cases of corruption.

Vice President Howard-Taylor has at the same time asked the Judiciary under its training component to consider the training of electoral magistrates across the country.

Speaking earlier at the program, Chief Justice Korkpor asserted that it was hurtful for the Judiciary to be often branded as corrupt but quickly pointed out that the judiciary is not as evil as being perceived.

However, the Chief Justice admonished those charged with administering justice to the people to refrain from acts that are inimical to their status.On the construction of the magisterial court, Chief Justice Korpor lauded UNDP and the Swedish government for the commitment fulfilled in the completion of the Botota Magisterial Court in Bong County.

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