BOPOLU City-September 26, 2021-WTVNEWS: Following almost 6years without the holding of a County Sitting, Gbarpolu County has held it’s sitting.

The sitting which was held on September Saturday September 24, 2021, in BOPOLU City brought together 56 delegates to discuss the new course of development in the County.

GBARPOLU, a county with huge forest and mineral deposit, has been one of the lead developed counties in Liberia.

Prior to the 2021 sitting, the County Caucus relatively could not lay hands on a substantive report from the PMC on projects resoluted during 2015.

Not until a Resolution was signed in late August 2021 by the Caucus for the holding of a sitting.

The Gbarpolu Legislative Caucus Chair Hon. Cllr. A. Kanie Wesso termed the holding of the sitting, a great milestone for development in Gbarpolu.

Cllr. Wesso stressed that the dreams of the people of Gbarpolu focus on rapid Development of roads in the three districts of the County, as well as healthcare, Education among others.

During the Sitting, a new PMC was elected bringing to an end the leadership of the previous PMC headed by Sam Zinnah.

Those elected are Robert Benda as Chairman of the PMC, Sumolu L. Kanneh as treasurer, and Aaron Mulbah as Comptroller respectively.

As it stands, Government recently transferred US$100,000 for County Development Funds into the Gbarpolu County Account, this means there are funds available for development in the County.

The newly elected officials of the PMC were charged with the responsibility of executing funds and projects in a manner to benefit Gbarpolu.

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