BOPOLU CITY-SEPTEMBER 26, 2021-WTVNEWS: As part of it’s 2021 Gbarpolu County sitting, the delegates have unanimously allotted US$10,000 for a safe home to be constructed.

The safe home is intended to ensure Sexual Gender Based Violence Survivors are safe and counselled.

GBARPOLU is one of the Counties in Liberia reporting extreme rape cases. One case that struck the Country was the case of a three (3) yr old child who was raped with the use of razor blade.

That case pushed a sustained three days all black protest to end Rape and other forms of violence against women and girls.

At the moment, the 3yrs old rape survivor case is yet to begin or be tried as the Ministry of Justice and Gender have not completed medical reports and other modalities for prosecution surrounding the case.

This move by delegates of the Gbarpolu County 2021 County SITTING buttresses Government’s effort in fight rape and SGBV.

Survivors of rape in Gbarpolu are often transfered to Monrovia for treatment or counseling, which they will have to travel days on bad roads to reach monrovia.

Human Rights Monitors have complained of compromised of many SGBV cases due to the unavailability of a safe home for survivors.

Meanwhile, Delegates resolution the total amount of US$80,000 for projects for the next few years.

They include TVS motorbikes for the six (6) electoral districts Commissioners of the county worth US$7,000, Solar Panel Light for the Voice of Gbarpolu, US$15,000; renovation of the BOPOLU City Hall value at US$5,000; drugs and fuel for the Chief Jallahlone Hospital, US$10,000

Other projects are furnishing the Disable Office US$2,000; District health projects US$12,000; Scholarship for Gbarpolu University Students, US$7,000; PMC arrears US$6,000 and Bomi County College extension to Gbarpolu US$5,000 as well as the safe home valued at US$10,000.

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