EPA Issues Stern Warning Against Unauthorized Carbon Credit Deal with American Company

Liberia-September 23, 2023): The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing warnings to residents of Ziadue Clan, Rivercess County, and other forest communities against engaging in discussions with Blue Earth Capital, an American firm, regarding the potential sale of carbon credits.

The EPA’s involvement and approval are non-negotiable prerequisites in carbon credit deals in Liberia.

A release from the EPA indicates that it is acting as the National Designated Authority under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement for the sale of carbon credits.

The Environmental Protection Agency expressed profound dismay over the ongoing negotiations between Blue Earth Capital and the residents of Ziadue Clan. “The agency views these discussions with severe disapproval, emphasizing that they have neither received nor granted consent, approval, or any involvement in this matter”.
The release continued “the EPA was blindsided by the reports of these discussions, which surfaced through local media outlets. ‘The DayLight,’ an online publication in Liberia, recently disclosed that Blue Earth Capital had submitted a carbon credits contract proposal to the residents of Ziadue Clan. In an exposé titled ‘Inside a Problematic Carbon Deal in Rivercess,’ the media outlet revealed the American firm’s audacious ambition to target 55,000 hectares of forest, exceeding the uncontracted forest area in Ziadue. Their intent is to exploit these forests for carbon harvesting and subsequent trading of carbon credits on the international market”.

According to the EPA release, Shockingly, the publication further exposed that Blue Earth Capital had enticed community members with incentives such as food and transportation expenses to participate in the review of the proposed carbon agreement. The review meeting purportedly took place between the company and a faction operating under the banner ‘Ziadue’s Community Land Development and Management Committee.

In a sternly-worded release, the EPA asserted its complete lack of awareness regarding Blue Earth Capital’s intentions to extract carbon resources in Liberia.

They have thus issued an immediate and resolute call to all communities involved in discussions with the company to cease all engagement without delay or risk drastic actions

Article 6 of the United Nations Climate Change Paris Agreement underscores the importance of governments achieving their nationally determined contributions through cooperative approaches, international transactions in carbon reduction credits, and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

“In this regard, the EPA’s uncompromising stance serves as a stark reminder that adherence to international environmental agreements is non-negotiable, and unauthorized dealings will not be tolerated

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