24 Liberian Journalists Appointed Panda Reporters

Chengdu, China: Twenty Four (24) Liberian Journalists were recently appointed as Panda Reporters for Chengdu Radio and Television Station in China.

The letter of appointment to the LIberian journalists was issued at the ASEAN Competition held at the station.

The journalists are in China as part of the Liberian Media Think Tanks and Senior Scholars conference in China to explore the country’s culture and history.

This implies that the 24 journalists will occasionally produce reports on China’s investment, development, and advancements.

The administration of Chengdu Radio and Television Station, located at N0. 2 Gaopeng Avenue in Chengdu City, People’s Republic of China, issued the letter of appointment.

However WOMEN’s TV-Liberia Chief Executive Officer was apart of the journalists who were appointed.
“This is a great honor to have been appointed by a foreign country media to report for them and particularly as panda reporter for the Chengdu radio and television station in China”, Ms. Lisa Tenneh Diasay noted.

Lisa sees this as an opportunity to research the field of short-form video production.

The event was conducted at the conference center on the ninth floor of Chengdu Radio and Television, and it coincided with the “ASEAN Youth Sichuan and Chongqing” 2023 Panda Reporters short film competition and Chengdu tour activities for the Liberian Media Think Tank and Senior Scholars seminar.
Since its inception in 2019, panda reporters have actively participated in a variety of fields and have been succeeding. Pandas are China’s national treasures. The Liberian delegation will also get the chance to participate in the contest for short videos and show off their skills.
“This is another means of serving my country by reporting factual and balanced information and also sharing rapid growth through development to the rest of the world,” Victor B. Wenh of Punch FM.

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