Has Montserrado District #10 Fallen to Yeakeh Sayequee?

By: Lazota Bility

Montserrado-September 23, 2023: With sixteen (16) days to October 10, 2023 General Elections, it was a moment of astonishment when thousands of Citizens within Montserrado County Electoral District #10 gathered on Saturday September 23, 2023 to support the launch of Representative Candidate Yeakeh Sayequee.

District 10 is one of the most populated districts in Montserrado County.

Candidate Yeakeh Sayequee, a son of Unity Party Vice Standard Bearer Jeremiah Kpan Koung, shares similar name with the incumbent Representative Yekeh Kolubah and he is an independent candidate.

Sayequee Supporters filled the Susan A. Berry field in Congo chanting slogans of hope for Sayequee election. ” We don’t want anyone insulting our parents! , we want Yeakeh!, we are tired of people doing empty talking and insulting us all the time we want development now our District deserve better, ” they added.

They at the same time lauded Representative candidate Yeakeh Sayequee for all of his works done within District #10.

“We are grateful to you Yeakeh for the Loans , Electricity and your kind gestures within the district, we promise to make you our next Representative ” they said .

However, responding during his campaign launch, Representative Candidate Yeakeh Sayequee beaming with smiles extended his appreciation to residents of electoral district number ten for turning up in numbers and also promise to be a better representative if elected October 10, 2023.

As part of his promise to residents of the district, Sayequee vowed not to take any vehicle from government if elected but rather request for Ambulance in other to help Clinics within the district incase of emergency .

” Keep me on record, IYeakeh Sayequee will be a better Representative if elected ,I promise not to take any vehicle from the Government but rather request for Ambulance to help Hospitals and clinics within the district , I will only take 1000usd from my salary the rest will be giving back to the district to help carry on more development, ” he said.

Meanwhile Representative Candidate Yeakeh Sayequee promised to upgrade the lives of Motorcyclists , Disadvantage Youths and old folks within the district. ” To my Motorcyclists , Disadvantage Youths and Old folks do not worry your status will change very soon if am elected as the next Law maker of District number Ten comes october 10, 2023.”

Pundits say the candidacy of Yeakeh Sayequee who is son to UP Vice standard bearer threatens the reelection bid of incumbent Yekeh Y. Kolubah.

Kolubah currently supports the bid of the opposition and Joseph Nyuma Boakai. He has been a tough talking lawmaker for the last 6yrs.

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