WOMEN’s TV-Liberia CEO Raises Alarm of Threat for Reporting Assassination Story on Former Chief Justice

The Chief Executive Officer of WOMEN’s TV-Liberia is reporting harassment and threat of life from unknown men callers for breaking the story over alleged assassination on the home of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott.

Ms. Lisa Diasay indicated that since the publication of the story, she has been receiving strange calls and threats from some unknown individuals.

She noted that the threats on her life has been particularly to desist pursuing publication of any related information on the matter.

“This is worrisome and I don’t understand where our country is headed. These men keep calling me and threatening me over the attack on the former Chief Justice home. I am not safe and this is an affront to our work and service to the public”, she averred.

WOMEN’s TV-Liberia was the first news outlet to break the story on the attack of the former Chief Justice home of February 22, 2023 which led to the death of Cllr. Glori Musu Scott daughter. Police have launched an immediate investigation into the matter.

Several women groups have condemned the attack on Cllr. Scott, something they believe is intended to silence the former Justice.

Following the news, Former Truth and Reconciliation Commission head Jerome Verdier alleged that the murder of Cllr. Scott’s daughter was done by the deputy for operation of the Monrovia City Police, an allegation that the Ciry Mayor Jefferson Koijee has refuted.

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