Cllr. Gloria Scott Expresses Doubt Over Police Investigation; Vows to Involve Int’l Community

Liberia: It has been almost a week since unknown men evaded the home of former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, thereby stabbing her daughter to death and injuring her niece. According to Police preliminary investigation, there was no evasion of the home but one of the domestic workers remained in the house until the incident. The Police is yet to make any arrest.

This, according to Cllr Scott is the wrong interpretation that the Police is providing relative to the assassination attack and murder of her daughter.

Cllr. Scott in a statement issued in Monrovia, expressed lack of confidence in the Liberia National Police to conduct a well balanced investigation into recent attack at her home in Brewerville, Montserrado County.

She alleged that the police is biased and will not conduct proper investigation in bringing the perpetrators of Thursday, 23 February act to book, something she said, that has the propensity of burying justice even when it is clear.

Cllr. Scott alerted the LNP about the February 8&9, 2023 attacks on her residence in Brewerville, District 17, Montserrado, but there was reportedly no redress.
Charlie Musu, daughter of Cllr. Scott and a prospect graduate of the Starz University was murdered on February 22, 2023.

Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott narrated that less than 23 hours after the attack at her home by unidentified gun men, the Liberian Nation Police – LNP issued a statement insinuating that the alleged robbers might have been a domestic worker, something she has denied; noting that there had been hired electrician working in the house on the day of the third attack, even thou there were two initial attacks at her residence on the 8th and 9th of February which were repoterd to the police.

“These two previous attacks took place when there were no contractors and the attackers did not take any valuables”, she said.

Former Chief Justice Scott futhered that the alleged robbers searched every document, something that alerted her to believe that the third attack which led to the death of Charlor Musu were meant to recover documents in her possession.

Cllr. Scott also disclosed that her car system was disable by the alleged criminals, and this shows that the attacks were planned and organized. “They took away a 25kg bag of rice. This clearly suggest to us that the police knew the facts even before conducting the investigation”, she noted.

She expressed furstration in the fact that since the attack, Police have made no arrests.

Former Chief Justice Scott stressed that instead of the police carrying on a full scale investigation, they are busy intimidating peaceful members of her family “The Liberia National Police took away two private security officers and my uncle Chumu, who have gone to provided watch along with the two private security officers after the two attacks, and they are still in police custody. On Friday, Police spent several hours with our son Godson Kollie at our 16th street residence, saying that they were taking statement from him. After many hours of interview with Godson, it was then that they asked the electricians who had gone to 16th street to receive their pay to go along with them at the National Police Headquarter “, she added.

Based on the uncertainty of the Police towards the case, Cllr Scott at the same time vowed not to hesitate to enlist the help of the international community through the diplomatic missions into the matter as it will ensure that noting is left under the carpet.

A day following the incident, former Truth and Reconciliation Commission chair Cllr. Jerome Verdier accused Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee of orchestrating the murder through the City Police for Operations Varlee Telleh.

Cllr. Verdier further alleged that Varlee was shirtless and barefooted wearing only shorts and holding a knife entered into the house of Cllr Scout to sodomize her before assassinating her, but Cllr Scott managed to escape after spraying Varlee with “pepper spray.”

He asserted that Varlee is a former Anti-Terrorist Unity (ATU), who was working during the reign of former Liberian leader warlord, Charles G Taylor who is currently in a UK prison.

But in a live press conference Monrovia City Major Koijee categorically rubbished claims by the Ex-TRC boss linking him to the murder of little Charloe Musu. “I am not even able to kill chicken, this is false”.

Meanwhile, Opposition Liberty Party Political Leader Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence has alerted the Public of a planned attack allegedly by Jefferson Koijee. The revelation was made via a Facebook Post from an account named Mac Jabateh. “ You need to add your security up. You are the next target for Jefferson Koijee”, the poster noted.

The grand Bassa County Senator alerted the Police and Ministry of Justice on the issue and has received state security.

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence vowed to ensure Justice is served to Cllr. Scott for the tragic loss of her daughter.

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