“We Will Confront Any Threat From The CDC” Unity Party Issues Caveat Following Thursday’s Violent Clashes

By: Laymah Kollie

Sinkor -August 11,2023: Opposition Unity Party (UP) has threatened a counter reaction to any attack from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change during these campaigns and ahead of the October Polls.

The UP indicated that it is ready to protect its it members and partisans by any means available if the need arises.

The Opposition UP comments comes hours after deadly clashes between supporters of CDC and UP while Pres. George Weah was visiting district 9 Montserrado County; a vicinity close to the UP campaign office.

UP campaign spokesman Mr. Mohamed Ali told the media at the Party’s Campaign Headquarters on August 11, 2023 that the party respects the rule of law and value peaceful co-existence but if they (UP partisans) continue to encounter violence and brutality from the ruling Coalition, they won’t relent, either escape but to confront their action in protecting their members.
“We will confront any threat from the CDC,We are not running away anymore. If we are having any activity at our compound and see CDCIANS there we will consider them threat and will used every means available to us to protect our partisans” Mr. Mohamed Ali said.

“The act of threatening our electorates through physical attacks, insults and the throwing of tantrums is illiterate, reckless, childish, and stupendous and demonstrates the limitedness of those emanating from the political hub of the CDC. We are all under the obligation to protect the peace of this nation, but the CDC’s led government is the most constitutional authority to provide peace and security for all Liberians including a potential party as in the Unity Party who is about to democratically unseat them. The CDC as an institution should avoid timidity and cowardice and participate in the elections through the provision of tangibles, facts and evidence to the Liberian people. Let this campaign be one exchange of ideas and not the throwing of stones. Let it be based on assessment of candidates and not threatening of others”

Mr. Ali then blamed the CDC for the cancelation of its Standard Bearer’s program which was organized and scheduled to take place Thursday August 10, 2023 at 2pm on the compound of the party’s headquarters.

Ali accused CDCIANS disrupting access to movement of the party’s standard bearer and vice presidential convoy which led them with no option but to postponed the activity.
“Partisans of the CDC violently stopped and throw stones at the Presidential and Vice-Presidential convoy of the Unity Party whilst at the same time intimidating the unity partisan through insults and physical attacks.”

Meanwhile, partisans of the CDC have also accused Unity Party partisans of inducing violence during their campaign activities. It is unclear as to who might have prompted the bloody Thursday violence as both parties were seen in a brutal encounter with the CDC and UP reporting victims from the scenes.

CDC National Secretary General Jefferson Koijee in a press conference late August 10, 2023 strongly condemned the incident, and at the same time echoed calls to the Unity Party to maintain a peaceful co-existence.
It can also be recalled that on August 5, 2023; after the official opening of campaign by the National Elections Commission, people wearing the symbols of the CDC were seen toting coffin with Amb. Joseph Boakai’s image, bearing the inscription “ RIP JNB” while chanting slogans within the headquarters of the CDC.

However, since the incident, the National Elections Commission is yet to make an official a comment on the matter while officials of the CDC distanced the Coalition for Democratic Change from the behavior of its partisans.

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