Big Boost for Presidential Candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti, As Village Savings Women Endorse Her Candidacy

Liberia-August 9, 2023: Scores of women from the Village Savings Groups have endorsed the presidential bid of Rev. Sara Beysolow Nyanti.

The women under the banner “Village Saving Association of Liberia” in a jubilant mood on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, pledged their unwavering support following months of examining various political parties in Liberia.

According to the head of the group, Madam Esther Wallace who read the endorsement statement, they are convinced that Rev. Nyanti and her vice running can deliver Liberia from the long-lasting poverty and lead the county into in development based on their experiences in the development sector.

At the endorsement ceremony which was held at the African Liberation League party headquarters in Congo town the “Village Saving Association of Liberia” said they are confident that if elected, Rev Sara Beysolow Nyanti will no longer allow women of Liberia to run to central Bank of Liberia for loans on a twenty-five (25%) interest.

The village Savings women mostly businesswomen noted that the business climate is not favorable for Liberians, thus making them to be indebted to many banks and inducing harsher economic conditions for they and their families.

In acceptance, Presidential Candidate, Rev Sara Beysolow Nyanti said her government will provide better opportunities for every Liberian citizen. “My government will provide you better loan opportunities and agriculture programs that will cater to you and our future generation, ALL guaranteed you, the Village Saving Women that our leadership will focus on women’s empowerment one of the major pillars of our manifesto,”she promised.

Rev Nyanti noted that “Politics is making the difference in the lives of ordinary Liberian citizens because Liberia belongs to Liberians and not just those who are privileged, it should not be just about mere politics, Liberians deserve better”.

Also making remarks, the vice standard bearer Mr. Simeon Moribah said their quest to contest the county’s highest office is not to benefit themselves but the ordinary Liberians who he believes deserve better from their government. “The problem of Liberia is glaring to everyone in and out of Liberia it is time for you all to elect people with great experience in development like us.”

According to Mr. Moribah, there are greater plans already in place by the African Liberation League’s government to connect Liberia with major international partners “Though they have complained on several occasions that monies sent to Liberia has not yielded any results over the past years”.

He called on Liberians not to rewrite history as doing so will lead the county into more suffering and lack of development calling on voters to see October 10 elections as a chance to change Liberia “vote wisely comes October 10 if not, Liberia is doomed”.

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