“We Fought A Good Fight” Amb. Boakai… As He Rally Support for Run-off Victory

By: Jeremiah Cooper
Gmail: jeremiahcooper105@gmail.com

Liberia-October 18, 2023: Amb. Joseph Boakai, standard-bearer of the Unity Party is rallying his supporters and other opposition block to join forces in defeating incumbent George Weah in the anticipated presidential runoff election.

So far, over 100% of the total 1,833,189 valid votes have been released, with the top two presidential candidates, the incumbent George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change and opposition Unity Party Joseph Boakai not meeting up with the constitutional requirement of 50%. + 1 votes to win the presidential election.

Per the National Election Commission preliminary result, Amb Boakia has received 43.4%, while incumbent George Weah has received 43.8%.of the total votes.

Speaking at a news conference on Thursday Amb Boakai alleged that the Weah-led government is corrupt, and as such; Liberians must ensure that President Weah is rejected at the ballot.

Additionally, the Unity Party Political Leader noted that Liberians have witnessed gross incompetency, corruption, insecurity, and lack of leadership on the part of the CDC government.

“As is now evident from the results of the presidential election announced by the electoral management body, the National Elections Commission (NEC), the Liberian people, in their righteous rage, have served President Weah a clear warning that his days in the presidency are numbered and soon, and very soon, the final verdict will be delivered to make President Weah a one-term president. Through their votes, the Liberian people have presented to President Weah and his CDC a reality that they feared the most throughout these elections – the possibility of a second-round face-off against me and our broad-based Team,” Boakia added.

He at the same time encouraged the support of opposition political parties and independent candidates to join forces together to rescue the country.

“My fellow Liberians, our country needs to be rescued and then we can embark on getting it fixed. Our country needs to be swept. Our country needs to be redeemed. Our country needs to be healed and reunited. Indeed, our country needs to be rescued. To achieve these lofty goals, as I have always urged, we need all hands on deck”, he said.

Boakai’s appeal came at a time when some opposition political parties have fallen short of winning the presidential race, with the CDC and UP heading for a round-off election in November.

However, the UP political leader vowed to form a government of inclusion that truly reflects the political, social, and religious diversity of the citizenry.

“One thing I know very well is that all the talents and ideas we need to rebuild our country cannot be found in a single party, tribe, county, region, or religion. That’s why I am committed to forming a government of inclusion when God willing, we ultimately achieve our grand goal of democratically evicting President Weah from the Executive Mansion in a couple of days and weeks”.

He emphasized “We shall form a government that truly reflects the political, ethnic, regional, and religious, as well as gender diversity of our country. We shall form a government in which the true value of a Liberian is not determined by loyalty to the party but by loyalty to the country plus the person’s ability and willingness to contribute his or her quota to the country’s progress. We are therefore reaching out to our brothers and sisters in the opposition and Liberians, in general, to join us in this noble mission of making our country breathe freely again.

He also lauded his supporters for their countless efforts during the October 10 elections.

“No doubt, the majority of the Liberian people who stood in those lines last Tuesday went to exercise their rights to eject President Weah from the presidency of Liberia for his dismal performance over the past six years during which his CDC party has been placed over the country. Liberia has since witnessed gross incompetence, corruption, and brazen looting of state resources, with no accountability. The lack of leadership and retrogression has been the order of the day”.

According to the timeline of the National Election Commission, the presidential round-off is expected to take place on 7th November 2023.

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