Female Presidential Candidate Sara Beysolow Nyanti Addresses Election Tensions

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia – October 18, 2023 – Sara Beysolow Nyanti, the Standard Bearer of the African Liberation League (ALL) and one of two female candidates in the 2023 Presidential Elections, has voiced her concerns about the rising tensions and apprehensions surrounding the election process ahead of the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) official declaration of results.

Madam Nyanti commended the Liberian people for their peaceful participation in the elections, despite taking on the responsibility for their own security without international community forces. She also expressed gratitude to valued partners for their support during this critical phase in Liberia’s history. However, she acknowledged the growing sense of tension and apprehension within the country, particularly concerning the potential for post-results violence.

Nyanti emphasized the importance of addressing these negative perceptions and avoiding conflict, stating, “Our history is marked by bloodshed, and it is time for reconciliation rather than adding to this pain. God desires our prosperity and good health, but we must also desire it, and it cannot be achieved in conflict.”

She urged all Liberians to remain steadfast and peaceful throughout the election process, emphasizing that this election serves as a hallmark for the nation to demonstrate its ability to maintain the fragile peace. Nyanti reaffirmed her commitment to impacting Liberia and its people, citing her involvement in the opposition agreement to protect the votes of the Liberian people as a primary reason for her participation in the electoral race.

“The upcoming results will not change my belief in or stop my resolve in pursuing nation-building, unity, reconciliation, and poverty reduction as Liberia’s much-needed solutions. Moving Liberia forward requires the efforts of all Liberians, not just the president. Let history remember that we stood united for our unity and progress.”

Nyanti stressed the importance of collective efforts by citizens that transcend tribal affiliations, political allegiances, and religious beliefs if the nation is to continue enjoying its fragile peace.

Drawing from her experience in supporting elections and advocating for transitional justice in various countries, Nyanti recognized the challenges and signs of countries on the verge of conflict. She urged the international community to see their investment in Liberia as a worthwhile endeavor. She added, “Liberia’s challenges require collective Liberian solutions that transcend tribal affiliations, political allegiances, and religious beliefs. Our Liberian identity must come before everything else. Chaos is easy, but building is difficult.”

In addition, Nyanti applauded the NEC for their efforts in organizing the elections while acknowledging irregularities in the process. She called on all stakeholders to support the NEC in strengthening its capacity.
“I commend the National Elections Commission (NEC) for their efforts despite numerous constraints. However, we must acknowledge irregularities and concerns that raise questions about the full expression of every registered voter’s will. In spite of these concerns, when the final results are announced, we must all accept it or take a legal pathway. I urge everyone to partner with NEC to strengthen the institution, as it is critical to our democracy.”

Madam Nyanti also proposed a debriefing session involving all candidates if a potential runoff occurs, aiming to benefit from their collective wisdom and experiences over the past few months. She concluded by advocating for a full audit after the 2023 elections to identify weaknesses and offer solutions for future elections, including assessing the current electoral laws to ensure their sufficiency.

The African Liberation League, headed by Standard Bearer Sara Beysolow Nyanti, is a newly established political party in Liberian politics.

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