UP’s Chairman Luther Tarpeh Makes clarification on Allegations of Misusing Boakai’s Inaugural Funds.

By: Sylvester Choloplay

Monrovia, Liberia – In response to the FrontPage Africa story alleging misappropriation of funds distributed among the County Chairs and Treasurers for President Boakai’s Inaugural Program Celebration, Rev. Luther Tarpeh, Chairman of the Unity Party, has vehemently denied and clarified the accusations.

FrontPage Africa Newspaper’s article recently alleged that the National Chairman of the Unity Party, Rev. Luther Tarpeh, directed the deduction of One Thousand ($1,000.00) United States Dollars from the Five Thousand (5,000.00) United States Dollars allocated for each district across Liberia to the district heads for inaugural celebrations nationwide without consensus agreement.

But, Rev. Tarpeh appearing on the Spoon Talk on recently, categorically refuted the allegations, labeling them as malicious, intended to defame him and other designated individuals responsible for the fund distribution.

He said the claims are deliberate attempts to tarnish his good earned reputation and that of others involved in the fund distribution.

He emphasized that their party campaigned against corruption, which was a pivotal factor in Amb. Joseph Boakai’s election as president; and as such, they are committed to upholding their anti-corruption stance and would not engage in actions contrary to their principles.

Also, in a press release issued few days ago, Unity Party leadership made it clear that prior to the fund disbursement to the counties, a meeting was initiated by all 15 County Chairs, during which they proposed the deduction of $1,000.00 per district.

According to the Party, the decision was aimed to enable county leadership, collaborating parties, and auxiliaries to conduct similar celebrations at their respective county headquarters.

The Party further stated that the collective agreement for the deduction was not an instruction from the National Chairman, contrary to the implications of the publication.

Meanwhile, the UP National Chairman has instructed all County Chairs to submit comprehensive expenditure reports of funds received to the National Secretariat by the latest this Monday, January 29, 2024.

Speaking on Spoon Talk, UP’s National Chairman stated “I did not take a unilateral decision rather a consensus decision meant for our people, and Monday is the deadline for all county chairpersons to report to me as the national Chairman on how the funds were used and after that we will update the public about the money. President Boakai was elected on his good character and on the basis of exposing corruption and therefore, we are not going to sit and let anything go wrong in his leadership”.

The statement by Rev. Luther Tarpeh underscores the UP-Governments unwavering commitment to the principles of transparency and integrity. He highlights that their party’s victory was predicated on their anti-corruption stance, and they remain steadfast in adhering to these values.

Rev. Luther Tarpeh’s clarification of the allegations regarding the misuse of funds allocated for President Boakai’s Inaugural Program celebration across Liberia serves as a strong rebuttal to the accusations made by FrontPage Africa Newspaper and other media institutions. His emphasis on their party’s anti-corruption stance and commitment to upholding ethical principles reinforces their dedication to transparency and integrity.

Rev. Luther Tarpeh has not been subjected to any form of investigation for act of corruption even as national chairman of the ruling Unity Party.

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