Protemp Nyonblee, Others Declare Assets

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia -January 27,2024: In fulfillment of the national Code of Conduct and Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) act of 2022, Senate Pro-Tempore Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence alongside River Gee County Senator Johnathan BoyCharles Sogbie and Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County during the week declared their assets to the Secretary of the Liberian Senate Mr. J Nagborlor Singbeh.

The asset declaration by Pro-tem Nyonblee and Senator Dillon was done on Thursday January 25,2024; while Senator Sogbie declared his assets on 15th January.

Assets Declaration is enshrined in Part 10, Section 10.1 of the 2014 Code of Conduct Law.
The law states that: “Every public official and Employee of the Government shall sign performance or financial bonds and shall, in addition declare his or her income, assets, and liabilities before taking office and after that and: at the end of every three years; on promotion or progression from one level to another; upon transfer to another public office; and upon retirement or resignation.
The obligation to public officials is also backed by the Amended Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission act of 2022.

The Pro-Tempore assets documents were officially presented to Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh and it is expected to be forwarded to the LACC for onward publication.

However, a copy of Senator Johnathan BoyCharles Sogbie assets in possession of this paper shows that the lawmaker gross salary per annum is USD $127,992; with the he amount of USD $98,000 as residential properties, USD $51,000 worth of vehicles.
These Vehicles are : Nissan Titan Pickup USD $12,000; Toyota Sequoia(SUV) USD $25,000; X5 BMW USD $14,000.

It further reveals Senator Sogbie savings with two banks in Liberia to include: Eco-bank USD $8.62 (2,930.83 LRD) and GT-Bank USD $10,000 which is equivalent to $4million Liberian Dollars.

The River Gee County Senator as prescript on his assets declaration form owns Real Estate properties in four locations; three in River Gee and one in Margibi County.

However, the Senator record shows a liability of USD $100,000 loan which is due in 48 months.

Also, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County total amount to USD $71,535.44, Liberian Dollars $903,992.54. including income, Residential Properties, liabilities and assets.

His assets in particular is place at USD $23,535.44, and $903,992.54 Liberian Dollars in savings with United Bank of Africa (UBA).

Like Sogbie, Dillon and Protemp Gross Salary per annum is USD $127,992.

At the same time, value of his Residential Properties is USD $38,000 in Montserrado and USD $10,000 in Buchanan. Moreover, the Senator assets declaration reveal the ownership of two used vehicles, Toyota pickup 2016, Ford Explorer XLT Limited -2017.

The Residential Properties in total amount to USD $48,000; vehicles USD $34,000, with USD $15,000 liabilities on used vehicle.

Meanwhile accepting the various assets declaration, Senate Secretary J Nagborlor Singbeh appreciated the Lawmakers for the step taken and promised to forward the documents to LACC for onward publication.

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