This Government will not Rest Until Women are at the forefront ” First Lady Kartumu Y. Boakai, As Liberia Celebrates International Women’s Day

By: Lazota Bility

Congo Town -March 8, 2024: The first Lady of the Republic of Liberia Madam Kartumu Yarta Boakai has reaffirmed the Government of Liberia’s commitment to supporting women’s leadership.

The First Lady serving as Keynote Speaker for the celebration of International Women’s Day at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Friday stated that women are best consider for the job market, as such, they should be granted the opportunity to execute these duties.

International Women’s Day ( IWD) grew out of labor movement to become a recognized annual event by the united Nations ( UN ) the seeds of it was planted 1908 when 15,000 women marched through New York city demanding shorter working hours , better pay and the right to vote , the idea to make international Women’s Day came from a woman called Clara Zetkin she suggested the idea in 1910 at an international Conference of working women in Copenhagen they selected March 8 as the official day to Celebrate Women around the World how far women have come in society, politics and economics.

Madam Boakai in her address, characterized women as powerful nation builders and meaningful creature by God to nurture and help men; stressing that the Boakai’s administration will not stop at anything until women are fully represented.
“In recognition of the strides we have made and the mountains we have yet to conquer, our government will not rest. We will forge ahead in creating environments that nurture the growth and success of women and girls throughout the fifteen counties.”

Adding “We will intensify our collaboration with relevant institutions to secure the necessary support for programs aimed at enhancing the living standards of women, fostering education for women and girls, improving reproductive health services, and ensuring the active involvement of women in all spheres of society, especially in political leadership”.

First Lady Kartumu also reassured the Government’s commitment to laws and other International treaties that support the right of women .

“We have taken legislative steps, such as the ban on female genital mutilation and the signing of the Decent Work Bill, to protect and empower our women. We remain committed to international instruments like the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the Maputo Protocol, which uphold the political and civic rights of women”

“A recent World Bank report is a stark reminder of the long road ahead. Nearly 2.4 billion women lack the same economic rights as men, and the pace of reform is slowing. We must not accept this as our reality. We must strive with relentless determination to achieve sustainable development goal five (5) to ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment” she said.

Also Speaking at the occasion, UN Women Country Representative to Liberia, Madam Comfort Lamptey stated that the theme for this year’s international women’s day is a call to action for Stakeholders to invest in these women’s rights organizations that are at the forefront providing crucial services; fighting discrimination, Violence, contributing to economic growth and prosperity in Liberia.

She however pledged the UN Women’s commitment to fostering a society for women.

“UN women remain Committed to collaborating with partners to support Liberia on this path by providing technical resources to ensure that policies, plans and Budgets are Gender responsive by working with the ministry of Finance , Ministry of Gender and Social protection and the National Legislature to Mainstream Gender priorities at both National and Subnational Level”

In remarks, NACCEL Coordinator Madam Setta Saah Fofana called on all women in higher positions to open up their doors to women and ensure reconciliation within the various Counties amongst women.

” mLet us open doors to our fellow Women and call for Reconciliation in the various Counties we need peace , love and Unity to succeed every women must be heard void of their Status and educational backgrounds ” She said.

Meanwhile the Minister of Gender, Children and Social protection Hon. Gbeme Horace Kollie appreciated sponsors of the program and the women of Liberia; noting, that peace and stability are cardinal to this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

” As part of this year Celebration we are proud to be celebrating our peace and stability the successful transfer of power from a democratically elected regime to another , we are glad as a country for the Enormous progress we have made toward maintaining peace Hence the fight for Gender Equality has to be intensified as we all rally to break Barriers affecting women and Girls which is cardinal in setting the stage for Gender Equality “, Min. Kollie added.

The ceremony was graced by Civil Society Organizations, Government Ministries and Agencies, and other Human Rights Institution.
The Female Journalists Association of Liberia, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism, the General Auditing Agencies amongst others were in attendance at the IWD on March 8,2024.

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