Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Designate For “TVET” Outlines Plans To Transform, Rebrand And Market The Sector

Liberia: Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Designate for Technical, Vocational Education Laraamand Nyonton has outlined transformative plans to further improve the crucial sub sector of the Country.

Speaking during his confirmation hearing at the Liberian Senate, Mr. Nyonton pledged his commitment to a new journey in the sector.

“We will re-imagine TVET in the context of the governance and structural transformation needed, introduce branding and marketing of our TVET services, replace the current model with a competent-based model, and align TVET with the new information technology age”, he further explained his plans to members of the Liberian Senate.

He said poor governance and leadership from the top to lack of a clear and coordinated policy direction, incoherent teaching practice and training methodology, unsustainable funding mechanism, and the lack of political will, are among other things causing TVET to be chronologically underperforming and greatly out of touch with the demands of the current labor market, he added.

However, Laraamand stated that as he is certain to take over shortly, he will among other things be in charge of designing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, and ensuring the success of all technical and vocational training programs under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

According to him, TVET remains a sub-sector under both the Ministries of Education and Youth and Sports that is vital to Liberia’s struggling economy.

He then emphasized that by focusing on workforce development alone, TVET has a potential to create employment opportunities for the youth and end their painful reality of destitution and dependency.

TVET, he stressed is also key and can immensely contribute to a sustainable and inclusive economic development.

On the other hand, he pointed out that as it stands, the PROMISE of TVET is far from being actualized but with his new approach, he will work with his able team to revamp and rebrand the sector for the betterment of the Country.

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