Senatorial Hopeful Costa Assures Liberians of a ‘New Liberia’

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Paynesville-April 4, 2023: Ahead of October 10, 2023 General Elections, Montserado County Senator hopeful, Henry Costa has assured Liberians on a new Liberia. Costa is encouraging Liberians to remain patriotic amid reported hardship imposed on them by the George Weah-led government.

Costa made the statement when he showed up at Paynesville Town Hall to register in the ongoing voter registration process.

According to him, Liberians continue to live in poverty amid vast natural resources that the country endowed with. He noted that the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) government has failed the country and its people and as such, they should be rejected at the ballot box in the Oct 10 2023 Polls.

” Don’t mind the storm, it can’t break us, we have been shouted at, we didn’t break, we being arrested, we did not break, they shut down our radio station we didn’t break, you thinking that talking can break us.”

He also cautioned Liberians to not be fooled and be used by politicians as 2023 marks a period that will determine the future of the country for the next six and nine years. He furthered that when the right people are elected, 2023 will mark a new beginning of a new Liberia where all Liberians will enjoy equal opportunities and benefits from the country’s resources.

“Don’t let anyone put you down, work hard and prepared yourself. Always believe in yourself. 2023 will be the beginning of a new Liberia so that you too can become someone. Your pa na got to be that, your ma na got to be that so that you can become somebody. Do not lose faith, change will come. 2023 will be the beginning of the new Liberia in order for you to have opportunities”, he stressed.

The Montserrado County Senator hopeful at the same time disclosed that Liberia is underdeveloped due to bad Leadership. He added that when the right people are elected, every Liberian will be included in the governing process of the country and the country will experience a huge transformation.

“New Liberia is coming and the hidden treasure that God has hidden for so long, when the right people come to power those treasures will be seen and we will transform the country. This so-called sweet land of liberty that has never been sweet for the people shall soon become the sweet land of liberty. This lone star that waves over land and sea, shall truly wave over land and sea for all of our people no matter what tribe you come from or who your ma is, who your pa is or what religion you are. We see a harmonised Liberia that works for all of us, a Liberia for us and by us”, he added.

He furthered that it is now for the right people to lead the country, something he said that has triggered his ambition to contest as senator for Montserrado county in the upcoming October 10 elections.

“We are here and we will be on the ballot. We will be in the next government of this country. We will work as hard as we can but we will leave the rest with God and no man born of a woman can stop God’s will”, he added.

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