SENATE CONFIRMS Cllr. CHARLES GIBSON…….Amid Corruption Allegations, others


Liberia-October 10, 2020-WTVNEWS: The Liberian Senate has confirmed Cllr. Charles Gibson as Labor Minister despite allegations of Corruption.

Cllr. Gibson was confirmed on Friday, October 9, 2020, based on a report from the committee on Labor headed by Sen. Matthew Jaye, a day after his confirmation hearing.

Cllr. Gibson was among President George Weah’s first nominees appointed to serve as Justice Minister but his nomination was withdrawn by the president based on integrity issues.

It is alleged that Cllr. Gibson was involved in duping his client of over two hundred thousand United States dollars ($200,000USD) for which the Supreme Court of Liberia suspended him from practicing until he paid the client’s money. Cllr. Gibson has since paid his client money back.

Cllr. Gibson was again appointed by Pres. Weah to serve as Board Chair at the Liberia Electricity Corporation but was denied confirmation by the Liberia Senate integrity.
Due to his tainted character of corruption and integrity issues and two denials of confirmation for previous positions in government, most Senators during Counselor’s Confirmation hearing were seen expressing sympathy on behalf of him. We can not punish our own for more than two times, let’s just let him go”.

It can be recalled that current Foreign Minister D. Maxwell Kemayah was allegedly accused of sexually harassing a staff only identified as Whynee Cummings Wilson at the UN Mission in New York, United States of America but was confirmed by the Liberian Senate few days ago and commissioned by President George Weah with no investigation being conducted by the Senate’s Committee on Foreign Relations.

The Committee on Foreign Relations said said if the accuser, Madam Whynee Cummings Wilson has issue with Mr. Kemayah she should to proceed to court, noting that the Liberian Senate is not a Court to convict people of harassment and sexual offenses.
Meanwhile, the Senate plenary has confirmed all other nominees based on recommendation from different committees including Cllr. Charles Gibson.

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