“RESULTS CANCEL INSULTS” Mayor Jefferson Koijee Delivers Graduation Speech

BY:Laymah Kollie

Congo Town, Monrovia-WTVNEWS:At an elaborate Celebration in honor of the end of his Undergrad journey at the University of Liberia, Monrovia City Mayor has told scores of CDCians and well wishers that results cancel insults.

His official Graduation speech and comment was triggered by controversies pertaining his ‘CUMLAUDE’ honored as a graduate from the UL. Many have condemned the Institution for granting Mayor Koijee said honor as they believe he is less worth of it.

He told hundreds at the CDC headquarters on March 18, 2022, that results of his hard work and consistency yielded an achievement with a bachelor’s’ degree.

Koijee graduated with a Bachelor degree in Public Administration.

He noted that his honor achieved from the University has given him prestige and added value to his life and lot of his families as well as the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). “Our struggle has yielded results and it has cancelled the many insults we received years back. In whatever you do or go through make sure and achieve a result, because results cancel insults”, said Mayor Koijee.

Koijee lavished praises on President Weah for being his support system and the many services rendered to him.

Koijee was honored along with twenty(20) partisans who graduated and obtained Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree as well. Of the total number, nineteen (19)persons obtained bachelor’s degree and one (1) person obtained master’s degree.

CDC party chairman Mulbah Morlu, lauded and certificated the graduates for the hard work done and promised that CDC will continue to celebrate its partisans on any occasion.

Meanwhile, President Weah applauded Mayor Koijee for the proud bestowed upon himself and the CDC. The President also admonished the other graduates for the achievement and promised his support towards their journey in a more suitable way.

Earlier this month, upon pronouncement of Mayor Koijee graduating with a CUM LAUDE there were lots of misbeliefs from the public and some activists like Martin Kollie and Henry Coasta.

The duo raised alarm of Mayor Koijee not attending classes, with him having some fraudulent behaviors that resulted to him being given a honored he doesn’t deserved.

Henry and Martin challenged the Administration of University of Liberia to fact check Koijee’s record promising to the fact that if their claims are untrue, Martin personal vowed through his Facebook page that UL should revoke his degree. They called on UL’s Administration to deny Mayor Koijee’s privilege to graduate and revoke the honor bestowed upon him.

However, a released from UL’s Administration revealed that through their panel set to investigate the matter proved Jefferson Koijee innocent of any fraud and as such, they can not deny him access to graduation.

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