By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-March 17,2022- WTVNEWS: The 18yrs old girl at the center of the alleged rape saga reportedly involving an entrance EXAMINER at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) has attempted to commit suicide.

Her sucicide attempt, according to family sources, is referenced by the numerous counterreactions from the public stating that it is a made up story by her to tarnish the perpetrator’s reputation. The family source further that the Survivor has been plunged into a serious traumatical state in which her call for suicide is being monitored.

The Survivor accused Tony Fasasi of raping her on March 7,2022, in his office after friutless efforts of challenging her entrance results for entry to the University.

Tony has since denied the allegation but linked the affairs to consensual sex.

Friends of Tony via the Internet have rubbished the Survivor’s account, while others that there could be an untold scenario under the allegation, thereby creating more doubts over the allegation of rape.

Earlier, she told investigators that she was held from the back by Tony when she tried leaving his office, a situation in which they tussled but he being man overpowered and rape her. “I told him since this is the case, I’ll get my father to take it up with the University Administration. As soon as I turned to leave the office, he held me from the back, we tussled and his strength overpowered me and raped me,” the survivor alleged.

The alleged survivor said she entered Tony’s office alone with another student who followed her to challenge the test result but her friend was later asked to leave and that she passed the entrance test. “We were two students that he told we failed the test. So we said ‘no, we challenge the test [results]. Afterward, he told the other girl to leave because she passed, [but] asked why I keep failing.” she stressed.

Police have confirmed that the medical report indicates penetration but more Investigation was needed to suggest the allegation of rape. Police Spokesperson Moses Carter has promised additional update on the case leading to further charge and indictment if Investigation report points to it.

At the same time, the AME University Administration has suspended Tony Fasasi for time indefinite, in which it states that the University stands in support of any Investigation.

Rape was declared a National Emergency in September 2020 by President George Mannah Weah but it continues to experience increase on a daily basis.

Since the coronavirsus lockdown in Liberia, women, especially children have faced high risk of sexual and gender base violence. With Liberia having one of the best and strongest rape law, it faces numerous of these crimes as perpetrators see a full lack of implementation of this law.

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