By: Jerromie S. Walters

Benson Street, Monrovia-WTVNEWS:Since the death of 25yrs old Princess Cooper, the public has been skeptical of Police preliminary Investigation pointing towards no foul play.

Though the Ministry of Justice ordered an autopsy on Princess’s body, a Pressure group has called for a huge slash in aid from the United States of America, amid the mysterious deaths.

The group under the banner ‘Citizens United To Ensure Justice For Princess Cooper’, petitioned the US Embassy near Monrovia, to ensure stringent measures against the Weah led government, following its failure to provide remedy to the alarming rate of mysterious killings across the country.

Highlighting the need for the US intervention through the halting of intrinsic aids to Liberia, the group argued in dismay that if perpetrators linked to the numerous secret killings are proudly roaming the streets of Monrovia without being penalized for their actions, threats in the Liberian society will remain endless.

In it’s five (5) counts petition to the US Embassy mid Monday, March 28, 2022, the group also recommended the need for drastic sanctions on security actors or government officials linked to, found liable of compromising, and providing deceitful or concealing information about ritualistic and mysterious killings in Liberia.

“We believe that the US government has heavily invested in the security sector of our country, through the provision of technical and other supports, but all of those efforts will be eroded if actions are not taken by the US to compel the Liberian government to execute it’s constitutional responsibilities to provide security for its citizens”, they stressed.

The pressure group with dozens of citizens with many of whom were believed to be residents of the Saint Paul Bridge Community in Bushrod Island (Where the late Princess Cooper resided), in a protest action, pleaded with the US Ambassador to ensure and guarantee the conduct of an independent investigation into the ascertain circumstances that led to the death of Princess Cooper.

“Honorable Ambassador, we believe that justice delayed is justice denied and we kindly seek the efforts of the US Government in helping to bring the cold bloody killers of Princess Cooper to book and bring to closure these mysterious and secret deaths and killings in Liberia”, the group pleaded.

The protesters who were attired in all black, characterizing the day as ‘Black Monday’, chanted slogans “WE WANT JUSTICE”, from their Saint Paul Bridge residence, to the US Embassy, up Snipper Hill on Benson Street, in Monrovia.

However, the group further appealed to the US Government, to advance recommendations to combat against the growing wave of ritualistic and mysterious killings in Liberia.

As circumstances surrounding Princess Taylor’s death have caught the attention of many Liberians, citizens across Liberia, assembled at different major communities around Montserrado and as well as the crime scene in the ELWA community on Monday, March 28. 2022, with a call for justice..

The lifeless body of Princess Cooper discovered on March 24, 2022 at the ELWA intersection in Paynesvile, in a compound believed to be owned by the Fawaz Building Materials Store.

A preliminary investigation as disclosed by Police spokesman Moses Carter, late Friday, March 25. 2022, shows No Foul played in the mysterious death of Princess Cooper.

Liberian pathologists Benedict S. Kolee and Zoebon K. Kparteh have therefore been asked to carry out independent post-mortem examinations on the remains of Princess Cooper

The mysterious death of Princess Cooper appears as one of the countless death of it’s kind, with conflicting, or controversial investigative reports by the Liberia National Police, which often result to mixed reactions and disenchantment in the public.

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