(Montserrado-WTVNEW: The Iron factory broad Street was scene of despere when scores of angry citizens including family members rescued a 23yr old girl from committing sucide amid an alleged gruesome act of gang rape. Iron factory is located on the Japanese Freeway, Somalia Drive, Gardnersville.

The 23yrs old was discovered naked, intoxicated with bruises on body on early Monday morning March 27, 2022.

Betty (not her real name) had return from an entertainment center where she and her friends had gone to merrymake when the alleged Perpetrator only Identified as Godgift, assured her friends of taking her home, since they were headed in a different directions.

Betty, apparently stone intoxicated, leaped with Godgift, a close door neighbor (zogo) to find her way home from the entertainment center.

Godgift, according to community dwellers, did not reach Betty home directly but instead took her to his room, allegedly had sex with her and invited his friends to feast on her body.

“This morning I woke up and started hearing one of her friend’s saying Betty can really make people shame too o, when i asked her what my daughter did she said go in Godgift room she’s lying down there naked that’s how I saw my daughter lying helplessly buttnaked in Godgift room with beating mark all on her”, Betty mother narrated.

Godgift fled the scene along with his friends for fear of angry mob before the break of dawn. Community members have launched a manhunt for Godgift and his friends as the family is calling for justice.

Betty attempted to take her life when she opened her eyes and saw that she was abused by Godgift and others. She is currently at a local hospital receiving medical treatment.

“After we brought her home she took knife to kill herself because of the shame knowing very well she is a pressure (hypotension) patient. She fainted before we took her to the hospital where she is currently taking treatment while the boy who did the act alone with his friends escape, we havnt seen them since the incident,” Betty mother added.

Betty Mom has however pleaded with the Police and other activists to ensure that her daughter gets Justice amid the alleged gruesome act.

Meanwhile Police Spokesperson Moses Carter has confirmed that the Police is aware of the matter and has further launched an investigation in bringing the alleged Perpetrators to Justice.

Medical report from the incident is still being processed following preliminary Investigation.

However, Community dwellers have also alarmed that Community security is threatened by the growing number of thugs (Zogos) in the area.

According to our Reporter, Most of the community members declined to speak to the press about the incident for fear of being targeted by other zogos who stood by.

Community leaders indicated that their repeated calls to Government for improved security in the area have fallen on death ears, prior to the alleged gang rape incident. ” Anytime these boys (zogos) do terrible things, nothing can come out of it, they can in return threaten people in the community. They are selling and doing drugs here so most of the young boys are here daily. We are in danger, so we’re all afraid”.

Betty is one of several women facing the trauma of rape and sexual abuse in Liberia. She is only girl of six siblings (boys) and is currently out of school due to financial support.

As a signatory of the MAPUTU Protocol and the Convention to End all Violence against Women and Girls, Liberia must ensure the security of women and children.

As it stands, activists have projected more cases of Rape and Sexual abuses in the coming months, as the quest for Justice for other Survivors remain in the blink.

The 2005 rape and section 14.71 a clearly states that “a person has committed Gang Rape, a first degree felony, if He or she purposely promotes or facilitates rape or agrees with one or more persons to engage in
or cause the performance of conduct which shall constitute rape”. It is punishable by life prisonment or 10yrs if the Survivor is below 18yrs.

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