Pres. Boakai Launches CSA National Consultancy Policy Guidelines for Public Service

By: Laymah Kollie

Congo Town-April 30,2024-: The President of the Republic of Liberia, Amb. Joseph Boakai on April 30,2024 officially launched the Civil Service Agency (CSA) National Consultancy Policy Guidelines for civil servants.

The guidelines place critical emphasis on accountability and performance evaluation. Consultants or consultancy firms are now required to meet key performance indicators established by contracting entity.

In October 2020, the Government of Liberia took steps toward enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations by consolidating the oversight of consultancy services under the purview of the Civil Service Agency (CSA). This strategic move was aimed at centralizing the management and coordination of consultaney services across various government agencies. By doing so, the government sought to streamline the allocation of funds earmarked for consultancy services, ensuring they address critical governmental needs where existing staffing and capacities fall short.

This shift in focus from mere employment extension to tangible results is pivotal in reshaping the consultancy landscape within the government.

According to Mr. Josiah Joekai, Director General of CSA, the instrument will address systemic corruption while managing consultancies across the Central government effectively.

Adding, that the policy guidelines were meticulously developed to ensure value for money and stringent performance accountability for consultants hired.

“The new leadership of the CSA has embarked on this proactive course of action to address this systemic corruption issue and fortify the government’s institutional capacity, evidenced by the crafting of comprehensive policy guidelines to manage consultancies across the Central Government effectively” he said.

Serving as launcher of the occasion, President Joseph Boakai outlined the significance of the framework, stressing, that the initiative is not meant to pleased donors and partners of the Liberian government but to standardized procedures.

“It’s not to please our donors, it’s not to please our partners but to please the Liberian people.
The launch of this policy framework today marks the vital accomplishment of the 100 days deliverables. Our goal here is the establishment for standardized procedures”

He then urged Liberians to make maximum use of the guidelines. At the same time stressing the progress of the country.

“This should reflect our commitment to accountability. Want to urge all of you to go the extra miles to share these guidelines with your relatives. Liberia is going to be a country of respectability, country of honesty”

Meanwhile, National and International Partners of Liberia applauded the agency for the work done, while pledging their commitment to the process.

Madam Josephine Nkrumah, Resident Representative of ECOWAS in Liberia appreciated President Boakai and CSA for the guidelines while pressing for its implementation.

“Mr President I will like to commend you and the CSA for this approach. Most importantly we must begin to see how it is implemented effectively”

Also, Mr. Gibson Kollie of EcoBank reaffirmed its partnership commitment to the process.

“We want to say big thank you for this initiative and we are committed to supporting the initiative and the people of Liberia”.

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