National United Bakers, Chefs Endorse Clarence Moniba Presidential Bid

By: Jeremiah Cooper

Liberia-August 2, 2023: The National United Bankers, Chefs and Allied Workers Union of Liberia have endorsed the presidential bid of the Liberia National Union Standard bearer Dr. Clarence Moniba.

Dr. Monibah is one of the certified presidential candidates of the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the October elections.

The endorsement ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Liberia National Union in Monrovia on Tuesday, August 2, 2023.

The decision to endorse the presidential candidacy of Dr. Moniba was wholeheartedly approved by members of the Union which comprised majority women.

The LINU political leader continues to receive several endorsements from influential groups, organizations, and prominent fula businessman Cherynor Jalloh.

The endorsement by the National United Bankers, Chefs and Allied Workers Union of Liberia shows Moniba’s willingness to unify small, medium and large groups and the Liberian society.

Presenting the endorsement statement on behalf of the group, the National Vice President for operations; Jimmy Gray disclosed that their decision to support the presidential bid of Dr Clarence Moniba is triggered by the many developments, capacity building programs among others initiated by Liberia National Union political leaders.

He described Dr Moniba’s love for Liberia as immeasurable.

Gray believes that with the level of experience and international connections, Moniba is best suited for the Liberian presidency.

“Today is a great and important day for all of us as we have gathered here on this important program. I want to tell the new Liberia team that we are with you in this election and we will make sure that you are Liberia’s next president”, added.

Jimmy Gray emphasized “With your exceptional leadership, good governance and efficiency today we have come to endorse the New Liberia Team of Dr Clarence Moniba for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

He at the same time rallied Liberians to support Dr Clarence Moniba’s presidential bid for a better Liberia.

“We want to call on all other unions like the motorbike union, drivers union and tailor union to support Dr Clarence Moniba and the entire new Liberia team, he stressed.

Receiving the endorsement, Dr. Clarence Moniba disclosed that the endorsement is a sign of the willingness and commitment to a better Liberia.

He noted that it is saddening that Liberia is the oldest independent country in Africa but is unable to show something tangible for it.

The youngest presidential candidate in the October 10 elections said Liberia is backwards because the country continues to be governed by incompetent, selfish and lacking innovative leaders.

“Only Liberians can fix Liberia and this country will be great one day. Today you have demonstrated your love for Liberia by endorsement me. Don’t give up because there is a better day ahead of us and we will make sure that every Liberia achieves that”, he said.

“Just know that one person can not build this nation, let’s all come together to build Liberia. The future of Liberia is now, that’s the reason I have come because I am the future of Liberia. Liberia’s past is terrible, that’s why we continue to suffer, Moniba noted.

He vowed to robustly tickle corruption by empowering anti-corruption agencies during the first three years of his administration when elected as president.

Moniba believes that when governments are transparent and committed to their people, Liberia will be a better place for everyone.

“Liberia has some of the best laws in the world, but the government failed to implement and hold people accountable for their actions. This is why we have decided to run in this election because we are the best alternative for the people of Liberia” the LINU standard bearer stated.

“Money for Liberians must benefit every Liberian. People who steal the Liberian people’s money will be punished for it and this is what my government intends to do. We will make sure that the laws are implemented and that people bear their cross.

Meanwhile, Dr Clarence Moniba called on Liberians to value and respect their traditions and culture.

The National United Bankers, Chefs and Allied Workers Union of Liberia regulates the sanitary conditions of bakeries, cook shops, restaurants tea shops in Liberia

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