MURDER or TB? The Case of the Sierra Leonean National

By: Christopher Wiah

Liberia): The Sierra Leonean community in Liberia recently staged a day’s protest to demand justice for one of the community member.

Abraham Kanu, a Sierra Leone National was believed to have been murdered following a fist fight with one Liberian.

On April 7, 2022, the deceased, Kanu was involved in a heated debate with a man only identified as Gabriel at the Duncan Gas station on the capital byepass which resulted to a fight. During the fight, it is reportedly believed that Kanu was strangled by Gabriel, something that led to his (Kanu) death.

Two (2) days (April 9, 2022) following the fight, Kanu was rushed to the TB annex where he was pronounced dead by nurses at the facility. Medical report indicated that Kanu suffered tuberculosis and malaria which led to his death, a claim the protestors refuted.

The protesting Sierra Leonean Nationals Tare demanding speedy investigation in Kanu’s alleged murder on grounds that the alleged perpetrator had threatened to kill Kanu and give his family L$20,000 for his burial prior to the fist fight.

Meanwhile, the remains of the late Abraham Kanu was deposited at the mortuary of John F. Kennedy Hospital for preservation as calls for investigation into his death intensified.

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