Missteps in Adhering to Liberia’s Local Government Act: As Naymote Calls on Senate to Reject Confirmation of Recent Local Government Appointees

Monrovia, April 1, 2024: Naymote Partners for Democratic Development has express deep concerns over the recent nominations and appointments of some officials affecting local government structures, thereby calling on the Liberian Senate to reject the nominees.

The Institution in a press release stated that President Joseph Boakai’s action is in violation of the legal framework outlined in the Local Government Act (LGA) of 2018.

According to Naymote, the recent appointments, including Assistant Superintendents, County Inspectors, Development Superintendents, and others, are contravention as undermining the provisions of the LGA 2018. The organization called on the President to recall these appointments and adhere strictly to the provisions outlined in the LGA 2018.

The organization maintained that the Local Government Act, which came into effect on November 23, 2018, describes specific procedures under chapter 2 section 2:13b for the appointment of key positions. “The positions of Superintendent, County Administrative Officer, County Development Officer, City Mayor, and Commissioner (Townships and Boroughs) shall be appointed by the President with the consent of the senate.” 

Naymote recognizes the constitutional powers vested in the President to nominate and appoint local officials but emphasizes the importance of doing so within the framework of Local Government Act of 2018, regulations, and policies.

“The organization calls on the Liberian Senate, particularly the Committee on Internal Affairs, not to confirm those appointed outside the framework of the LGA, and to ensure the President respects and upholds the stipulations of the Local Government Act 2018.” The release said.

Furthermore, the organization urged the Government of Liberia to allocate adequate resources for the functioning of County Service Centers and County Councils. These entities, as outlined in the LGA, play vital roles in passing ordinances and regulations, and approving county budgets and development plans, among other responsibilities, contributing significantly to effective local governance.

The LGA 2018 plays a crucial role in implementing the National Policy on Decentralization and Local Governance, adopted by the Government of Liberia in 2012. This policy aims to decentralize governance, allowing for increased citizen participation in decision-making processes, thereby strengthening democracy and fostering socio-economic development. Naymote emphasizes that adherence to the Local Government Act of 2018 is essential for promoting local development, peace, reconciliation, and decentralization of Liberia’s governance system.

“A robust and accountable local government ensures democratic governance that empowers its citizens. Naymote remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for adherence to the rule of law and promoting democratic principles in Liberia’s governance structures.” it added.

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development, a leading civil society institution established in 2001 by student leaders and activists to advance accountable democratic governance, political accountability, and strong civic engagement in Liberia and across the continent. Since its inception, Naymote has been at the forefront of efforts to strengthen Liberia’s democratic institutions and empower citizens to participate actively in the governance process.

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