LDEA Boss Accuses Joint Security at Liberia’s Borders for Surge in Drug Importation; Threatens Withdrawal of DEA Officers

By: Albert Fania, contributing Writer

Liberia – In a startling revelation, Abraham Kromah, the head of Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA), has accused the joint security at the country’s borders of facilitating an alarming increase in drug importation.

Kromah, expressing his frustration at the lackluster efforts to curb drug smuggling, stated that he will withdraw all DEA officers assigned to various border checkpoints.

Alarming to the media today in Clara Town, AB Kromah said the tasked LDEA officers have failed to exercise due diligence while inspecting vehicles entering and leaving Liberia, particularly during nighttime operations. This lax approach has allegedly allowed an influx of narcotics into the country, posing a significant threat to national security and public health.

The LDEA boss emphasized the importance of stringent border security and expressed disappointment with the current joint society’s performance.

Joint society refers to a group of individuals authorized by the government to assist law enforcement agencies at border points. However, Kromah argues that their involvement has only exacerbated the issue at hand, rather than providing a solution.

“We cannot continue to allow this joint society to compromise our national security. We need to take immediate action to clamp down on drug smuggling,” Kromah said during a media interaction in Monrovia.

The LDEA boss highlighted the need for increased efforts during night operations, as drug traffickers often exploit the cover of darkness to bring illicit substances into the country unnoticed. Kromah expressed concern that this issue had been overlooked for far too long, allowing the drug trade to flourish at an astonishing rate.

To address the situation, Kromah announced his decision to withdraw all LDEA officers from their assigned border checkpoints effectively. He believes that this bold move will demonstrate the gravity of the situation and its repercussions if not addressed promptly.

However, critics argue that this decision may lead to a security vacuum at the borders without an immediate contingency plan. They emphasize that the government must act swiftly to either replace the joint society or devise an alternative strategy to ensure effective customs inspections and counter drug smuggling attempts.

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