CAPITOL HILL-MONROVIA: It seems the execution of the final warning to the Government of Liberia from Lofa traditional leaders with the blocking of the St. Paul Bridge in Lofa County would meet stiff resistance with the Liberia National Police (LNP).

At the Ministry of Information, Culture Affairs, and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing today in Monrovia, the LNP threatened to use any necessary force to remove the country Devil its followers if they attempt to block the road and the St. Paul River Bridge in Lofa.

Deputy Police Director for Operations Marvin Sackor accused traditional people of using culture to undermine Liberia’s peace and stability, something he said the Police will not hesitate to use any force necessary to restore law and order in Lofa County.

Police Deputy Sackor indicated that the Country devil violated the Constitution of Liberia as such, any attempt again by the traditional leaders in Lofa to repeat said action the Police will remove them.

He further cautioned traditional leaders of Lofa County to seek redress using the legal process instead of stopping the movement of people, while emphasizing the Police readiness to restore peace in the Country.

Recently, Lofa Traditional leader brought out Country devils to block the st. Paul bridge linking Lofa and Bong Counties in demand of the Certification of the Lofa County Senator-Elect, Brownie Samukai.

December 8, 2021, marked a year since Hon. Samukai won the elections as Senator of Lofa but his Certification has been on hold due to a court case involving misappropriation of former Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) soldiers’ money.

The Lofa Traditional leaders have indicated unspecified actions if the Liberian Government does not Certificate their Senator-Elect, Hon. Samukai.

Meanwhile, National traditional Council chief Zanzan Kawor has asked that Hon. Samukai is pardoned and certificated in order to ensure proper representation in Lofa.

He further warned his fellow traditional leaders to refrain from politics and the use of country devils in political processes as he mentioned, would undermine the peace and security of the country.

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