LFF and Partners Hold Four days Root Cause Analysis Training on Climate Change

November 1, 2023-Buchanan) The Liberian Feminist Forum (LFF), a feminist movement in collaboration with DEN-L with support from the American Jewish World Service today begun a 4day Root Cause Analysis of Climate Change Training with grassroot organizations and stakeholders.

The training which is taking place in Buchanan city, Grand Bassa County commenced on November 1, 2023 to November 4, 2023.

The training is a part of a one year project being implemented by the LFF and DEN-L. It seeks to support climate justice and feminist perspectives brought together six grassroots organizations addressing the gender-specific impacts of climate change.

It will provide participants and or stakeholders conceptual clarity on root causes of inequalities and innovative ways to address them by applying Human Rights-Based and Feminist approaches. As part of this project, an integrated curriculum focused on various aspects of Feminism, Economics, climate justice and Sustainable Development was developed. This curriculum aims at providing the participants with a comprehensive understanding of Feminist root cause analysis, Feminist macroeconomics in extractive industries, Climate justice. The aim is to ensure the participants are equipped with knowledge, skills and challenge their attitude to ensure they are analysing and looking at the overall impact of this to the communities in the rural areas as well as strategies for countering resources exploitation and seeking alternative ecologically sound economic and agricultural systems. The curriculum’s aims to empower the participants in critical thinking to seek solutions that can solve some of the problem in their communities and ensure continuous advocacy and activism in Liberia.

According to LFF Acting Head of Secretariat, Joyce Nagbe, participants are expected to explore the feminist root cause analysis, to enable them identify and address underlying causes of gender inequality and related social issues in their community.

Ms. Nagbe emphasized that, their objective further seeks to provide participants with the comprehensive understanding of the feminist macroeconomics in the context of extractive industries, with a focus on the impact on low income countries in the Global South.

The LFF hopes that the training will serve as a springboard for local actions and policy advocacy to address climate injustice in Liberia. Participants were encouraged to develop action plans and proposals that integrate gender equality into climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.

The workshop also featured presentations from experts in the field of climate justice and gender equality, providing participants with valuable insights into the global context of these issues. Additionally, participants learned about successful initiatives and strategies from other countries and regions that have effectively tackled climate justice with a gender-responsive approach.

Also speaking DEN-L Project Coordinator Danny Giwlay acknowledged the AJWS support to ensuring the fight for climate Justice in Liberia.

He added that the project will support resilience and inform community based efforts to analyzing the roots causes of climate Justice.

The project is expected to continue over a year period.

The project which is being implemented by the LFF and DEN-L funded by AJWS.

LFF is a movement of feminists from Diverse backgrounds, working toward building feminist movements across Liberia.

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