Lenise Home Care & Support Services Concludes Intensive Training to Elevate Service Standards and Impact Society

MONROVIA – Lenise Home Care and Support Services, a professional home care, and support service provider, has concluded a week long intensive training for its first recruits in various disciplines, including customer services, general hospitality, emergency response, risk prevention & management, first aid, and etiquette.

The CEO, Danise Love Dennis-Dodoo (Mrs.), said it was crucial for her team members to be trained in these disciplines because she and her team are working tirelessly towards making the agency a top-notch service provider in the country.
“We do not intend to send just anyone into people’s homes or offices. They need to have some basic training, like etiquette. They need to know when to talk and when not to talk. They need to know when and how to address our clients; they need to have some basic skills in first aid and emergency response,” she said.

According to the CEO, her mission is not only to offer exceptional service to clients but also to make a positive impact on society. “We are dedicated to recruiting individuals from all walks of life, with a special focus on those who have faced hardships, in order to provide them with an opportunity for sustainable employment and the means to support themselves and their families.”

She explained that the recruitment process starts with an application and interview, which is then followed by comprehensive screening and background checks.
“We go into their communities. We make sure we get to know their homes. I talk to their guarantors, and they provide us with notarized letters from the guarantors and police clearance,” she said.

Danise encouraged Liberians wishing for care services to foster partnerships and do business with her company to have the best preference. “At Lenise Home Care and Support Services, our customers’ desires are at the core of our hearts, so we’re daring to do our best in every way.”

Following the training, participants received certificates of participation.

They expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn, unlearn, and relearn some intrinsic skills that will enable them to execute their duties adequately.
“I signed up for home care, meaning I’ll be providing care for babies and catering to house chores. I am happy that I was chosen to form part of this training. One key thing I am taking out of this training to my professional life is how to be respectful and patient when dealing with clients,” Ms. Helen Jefferson noted.

“Customer service is one of the things lacking in Liberia, but this training has elevated my knowledge to another level on how to serve customers and be a better version of the company’s image,” Ms. Hawa added.

Meanwhile, Lenise Care and Support Services have disclosed that August 17, 2023, is the official launch of the company’s brand.

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