CAPITOL HILL-JUNE 29, 2021-WTVNEWS: Following Hours of Intense Questioning by Members of the House of Representatives over accusation of Discovery of Drug in one of the Lawmaker’s Vehicle, LDEA Agent Massaley Complains of High Pressure, as Lawmakers Plead for her release till a later date.

Agent Massaley was seen heavily guided by Officers of the LDEA in an attempt to avoid photo taking, while they hurriedly moved her to a vehicle to exit the Yard of Capitol.

The LDEA Agent has refused to name the Lawmaker who she identified as his/her vehicle that carried the number of drugs due to fear for her life.

During the House of Representatives Session, Agent Massaley was seen very tense as questions over the legality of her comments cast on Lawmakers as being true.

“I can not remember the person’s name or face anymore”, she stated.

Last week during the celebration of World Drug day, Agent Massaley explained a scenario to young people on how big-shots especially Lawmakers invade the Country with drugs. ” My friend stopped the car, she tried to inquire from the Honorable man on searching his vehicle and he stated that even if you see any drugs in my car you can not do anything about it. My friend searched the car and found bags of Marijuana, Cocaine, and other substances, and just when I try to get to the car, the Honorable pulled off but I saw his face and I know him very well, he even promised to help my department with a vehicle to boost our work”, a recording during last week program which was played in open Plenary stated.

Agent Massaley confirmed her utterances in the audiotape but further asked for forgiveness, indicating that the Lawmaker was part of the 52nd or 53rd Legislature.

Following hours of quizzing, the House had to take 30mins recess to resume further questioning to the LDEA agent.

The Plenary did release the Agent on grounds that her eyes were turning and her pressure was high due to the tension surrounding stating the name of the Lawmaker involved in the drug trade.

It remains unclear as to when the LDEA Agent is expected to reappear before the Plenary of the House.

The fight against the drug trade in Liberia remains high as most young people are falling prey to the use of substances.

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