“RETURN US$15K or ELSE”…..Protesters Warn Lawmakers

Monrovia-June 29,2021-WTVNEWS: A pro-democracy group under the banner “Return the 15k” stormed the grounds of the Capitol Building demanding Lawmakers to return the US$15K received recently for Legislative engagement.
According to the protesting group, the Country is currently undergoing serious economic and Health threats, as it is unfair for 103 lawmakers to reward themselves with a huge amount.

“Legislators must return the Liberian people money” the protesters chanted.

Speaking on behalf of the protesters Fubbi Henries said the group will not rest until every single lawmaker returns the 15 thousand United States Dollars to the Liberian people
The protestors named Sen. Saah Joseph, Sen. Darius Dillon Rep. Thomas Fallah, Rep. Dixson Sebo, Rep Edward Flomo among others to return the back terming it as “The Liberian people USD 15,000”.

A few weeks ago, Liberian Legislators confirmed receipt of 15-thousand United States dollars each as money intended for Legislative engagement. Since the distribution of the money citizens including opposition figures in the country have been calling on Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill to return the money to the National Covers.

Lawmakers risked being embarrassed by citizens based on the worsening condition of COVID19 in the country coupled with the lack of hospital beds, oxygen, and other medical equipment.
“The money must be returned immediately so that it can be directed to improving the health sector of the country”, the Protesters indicated.

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