“Kangaroo and Compromised Autopsy”-The Late Gifty Lama Husband Describes Government’s Autopsy

By Staff writer

Liberia-October 20, 2020-WTVNEWS-: Doubts and distrust have clouded the ongoing Autopsies instituted by the Liberian Government into the deaths of the three Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) employees and the Internal Audit Agency boss.

The late Albert Peters and Giffty Lama families including some staffers of the LRA have expressed serious distrust in the autopsy process ordered by the government.

Speaking on the famous 50-50 TalkShow, the husband of the late Gifty Lama, Sylvester Lama has described the latest move by the government as Kangaroo and Compromised.

Mr. Lama, maintained that the autopsy results will be completely stage-managed because both pathologists were hired by the government of Liberia. “We don’t expect anything more than stage-managed autopsy results. This autopsy is described as kangaroo and an already compromised process only intended to shield information that will save the government from embarrassment”.

Commenting on whether the families were in the know or agree for a Liberian pathologist to conduct the autopsy, Mr. Sylvester accused the Government of cohesion and intimidation to accept Liberian pathologists conduct the autopsies.

The Liberian government has hired two pathologists Dr. Zoebon Kateh and Dr. Benedict Kolee to commence the autopsies on the mortal remains of both Mrs. Giftty Lama and Albert Peters.

Both pathologists have links with top officials. Dr. Kolee is the husband of the National AIDS COMMISSION head, Theodosia Kolee while Dr.Kpateh is a relative of Dr. Francis Kateh, Chief Medical officer of Liberia. Their links have created more doubts as to the transparent outcome of the process. The families had earlier on requested their respective pathologists and or independent pathologists to conduct the exercise but all turnout vain.

Mr. Lama however expressed fear of his, sighting that his home has been visited at night by unknown individuals, something that is worrisome amid the mysterious deaths of his wife.
The Mysterious Deaths of the LRA employees and the IAA boss have raised eyebrows in the public glare and police have made no arrest as to doers of those acts.

Gifty Lama, Tax Analyst, Albert Peters, Internal Auditor were found dead in a vehicle on Broadstreet, while the other LRA employee, an external auditor died mysteriously in a car accident few days after Lama and Peters death. A week after, the IAA boss Emmanuel Nyenswa was found dead in his yard on the 72nd boulevard road.

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