CDC Warns GSM Companies to Refrain from Collusion

By: Alfred Dopoe
Liberia-October 13, 2020-WTVNEWS: The ruling party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is calling on the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) and GSM companies (Lonestar Cell and Orange) to resolve all disagreements in the soonest possible time to provide relief to Liberians.

Recently GSM Companies imposed huge surcharges on calls, data, and other promotions, which has created an economic burden for users of the different GSM companies. Hours after the imposition of the Surcharges, LTA issued an ultimatum to the GSM Companies to restore all other promotions especially the three days free calls, and move away from those surcharges that tend to burden customers. The Two GSM Companies have paid no heed to the LTA’s ultimatum as customers are currently the pinch of the surcharges.

Speaking at a press conference, CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu noted that the breakdown of dispute resolution mechanism between the LTA and GSM companies led to litigation, which culminated in the recent Supreme court ruling favoring the government. Despite the Ruling, he believes, both sides should return to the dispute resolution mechanism enshrined in the act establishing the LTA or to other suitable frameworks that place the Supreme Court ruling in its proper context.

The CDC Chair further warned GSM companies to refrain from collusion which is a crime of economic sabotage, and also admonished the LTA to exercise care and precedence when announcing policies that have implications for the people of Liberia.

Chairman Morlu called on all partisans and sympathizers of the CDC to remain calm as President George Weah has taken seize of the surcharges disagreement between the LTA and GSM.
“Our confidence is not in the LTA and GSM but in the President of the Republic of Liberia, therefore the surcharges of both GSM companies will be resolved”, he ended.

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