“I LIED, I SHAMED MY MOTHER, I FLEW BUSINESS CLASS, YOUR FORGIVE ME”… Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillion Confesses over Economy Class Ticket to the US Saga

Monrovia-July 13, 2021-WTVNEWS: Following public outcry and series of publications by Frontpage Africa on lies spilled out by what Most termed as the “Light”, unearthed that the Montserrado County Senator lied about his economy class ticket to the US.

According to Investigation, Sen. Abraham Darius Dillion flew Business class to the United States of America from Ghana on his recent trip.

The Lawmaker took to his Facebook page to condemn the publication, indicating that it was only intended to drag his reputation in the mud. He stated that he paid and flew economy class for his US trip.

Little did the Montserrado County Senator know that his one lie would throw more eyes on his integrity in the Liberian Senate.

Upon his return, the Senator, appearing on a Popular late evening Talkshow, openly confessed that he lied and asked for forgiveness from the Liberian people. “I lied, I shamed my mother, I flew Business class, I’m sorry, your forgive me”, Sen. Dillion indicated.

This, many watching the talk show, has branded the Montserrado County Senator as a Liar and should not be taken seriously, while others have also mentioned that Sen. Dillion has broken the trust of the people.

Sen. Dillion described himself as the “light” in the Liberian Senate, thereby promising to remain open and blunt as well as exposing plots to undermine the livelihood of the Liberian People.

Due to the Senator’s outburst on issues of National concerns and revealing some pertinent information of the Liberian Senate including salaries and other benefits, scores of Liberians grew more admiration for Dillion’s leadership and service

Pundits believe that the current trend that the Senator is taking would undermine the trust of the people thereby leaving him unpopular. See Less

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