LIBERIA-JULY 27, 2021-WTVNEWS: Organizers of the Big Brabie Liberia have officially ousted one of its Housemates for Sexual Harassment against an opposite sex housemate.

BBL is a reality TV show and it’s currently on the second edition.

GARY’S disqualified from Brabee’s House was due to misconduct by inappropriately touching another Flatmate (Irea) without her consent; while she was asleep.

Gary N. Noring Jr. is the first person to be disqualified from Brabee’s House without any current benefits or future benefits from the organization.

Gary’s action is termed rape, which under the law is subject to a non-bailable jail term of 7 years and above.
In one of the BBL live video content, Gary was seen inappropriately touching Irea and forcing his way into her privately and unknown to her.

Irea is one of the brightest female housemates in the BBL second edition.

Shortly after his disqualification from the House of Kukujumuku, Gary was arrested and handcuffed for sexually harassing his fellow housemate, something which is linked to Rape under the Liberian Law.

Gary is set to face the law for his alleged act committed during his stay at the reality show.

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