LIBERIA-July 28, 2021-WTVNEWS: A local group under the banner Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism has launched the establishment of a series of certificates of Patriotism.
The Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism is an institution established to recognize Liberians who are diligently serving their country and pay tribute to the memory of Liberians who have contributed to nation building and the development of Liberia.
The Judge Emma Shannon Walser, will be among the first group of Liberians to receive the Medal for Rule of Law, Good Governance, and Patriotism as part of the series.
Reading the statement during the official launch of the series of certificates of Patriotism, the Board Chair of the Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism Madam Olubanke King Akerele told the media that Judge Emma Shannon Walser Medal is in recognition of her 92nd birth anniversary which was on July 24, 2021, and a tribute to her legacy, a sign for the Liberian Judiciary and legal system.
Judge Emma Shannon Walser died in Switzerland on May 28, 2021 and followed by a memorial service held in Liberia on June 9th, 2021.
It was revealed that the late Judge Walser had a keen sense of justice and was known as a progressive and liberal Judge. She was strong and could not bow to political pressure, and known historically for
standing up to the government in the wake of the 1979 civil disturbances, by her refusal to condemn the alleged instigators of the 1979 Rice Riots and Civil unrest”.
The late Judge Emma Shannon Walser was dismissed for her stance on National issues through a joint resolution by the legislature something Dr. King Akerele said prompted a cross-session of women in Liberia, young professionals elders amongst others to submit a petition of five hundred signatories in protest against the action of the legislature.
“This action led to cross-session of women from all sectors society including young professionals, the leadership of Market Women and elders to submit a petition of 500 signatories against the action and was taken to the legislature in protest, the matter also reached the cabinet in which Pres. Tolbert said “the women of the nation are against me”. The former Foreign Affairs Minister asserted.
King Akerele added “Even though no action ensued at the time but the impact of the petition was felt when the framers of the 1986 constitution subsequently prescribed that the removal of judges be preceded by due process”.
Providing further information on the late Judge Emma Shannon Walser role in the Liberian society, Dr. King Akerele indicated that even the former President of the University of Liberia Al Hassan Conteh
at the time admired the judge and gave her the nickname Shakespeare “Portia” from the merchant of Venice because of her sagacity and interpretation of the law.

She said in 2007, the Liberian People’s Party vindicated Judge Walser by characterizing her as a person whose only “crime” was to advocate for participatory democracy in Liberia.
“In view of the foregoing, and testimony of the caliber of the late judge and her impact on the legal system of Liberia and her uncompromising stand for justice and the rule of law, the Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism is today establishing “The Judge Emma Shannon Walser Medal for Rule of Law, Good Governance Patriotism”. Kink Akerele noted.

The receiver according to King Akerele will be both posthumously as well as to the living She said the medal for those posthumously will be given by the end of August(24th August) one month after her 92nd birth anniversary.
“The medal for the living will be given in December marking the 8 anniversary of the establishment of the Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism launched on 12th December 2013 by Ambassador Charles Minor, the then Chair of the board of Tex Appeals, on behalf of Judge Emma Shannon Walser”.

She added that the establishment of the medal is being undertaken by the chair and vice chief of the board, Olubanke King Akerele, former Minister of Former foreign Affairs, and Sister Mary Lauren Browne, retired President of the Stella Maris Polytechnic University.

“Judge Emma Shannon Walser’s father was the Chief Justice of Liberia”. She concluded.
Launching “The Judge Emma Shannon Walser Medal for Rule of Law, Good Governance, and Patriotism retired Stella Maris Polytechnic University President Sister Mary Lauren Browne, said Patriotism is a continuous feeling regardless of challenges.

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