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Liberia-October 19, 2020-WTVNEWS-: Women For Positive Action, a local NGO advocacy group, is calling on women organizations in Liberia to go beyond just commemorating International Day of a Girl Child and educate young women and girls on hygiene and Infections.

International Day of a Girl Child is celebrated in October of every year to highlight girls’ achievements across the world and the challenges they face.

The group’s Executive Director Catherine Kollie Gbidi said often after October 11, the international day of a girl child, nothing is done to keep girls protected against sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the country.

Madam Gbidi noted that girls across the country continue to face discrimination and lack of space to freely express themselves emphasizing that nothing much has been done to address violence and abuse against girls.

Madam Gbidi wants the government to empower local groups advocating for the rights of girls who are sexually abused and facing all forms of domestic violence across the country.

According to her, there should be a continuous program that will keep girls empowered and inform them about issues happening around them.

Madam Catherine Gbidi was speaking when her group Women for Positive Action Celebrated International Day of a Girl Child over the weekend.

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