Citizens Plead for Traditional Herbalist’s intervention over Mysterious Disappearance of Community Dwellers


Grand Kru County: As smiles were seen on the faces of citizens in Picnicess with the presence of Herbalist Tamba Bundo, August 20, 2020, has been recorded as one of the saddest day for them.
Several citizens of Picnicess were seen in the mood of great jubilation and excitement as Herbalist Bundo commenced his operation in that part of Grand Kru.

According to Herbalist Bundo, his operation in Picnicess was halted, as non-supporters alleged he’s killing citizens and residents of the community which prompted the Minister of Internal Affairs and Traditional Councils head to halt the process.
At the same time, he wants citizens and residents to be patient as he liaised with his bosses to save the people of Picnicess.

The presence of Herbalist Bundo in the county is seen as liberating but yet a controversial one to the alleged few in the community in Grand Kru County.

Picnicess has suffered from mysterious disappearance and ritualistic acts leading to the loss of at least 56 lives.

These inhumane acts have created fears in the hearts of the residents and nearby communities members as well as scaring away investors from developing interest to do business with that community.

The act which is becoming a culture or tradition in that part of Grand Kru has reached an alarming stage thus leading the people of Picnicess to write a petition to the local county authority headed by Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun.

The petition which followed the disappearance of two boys who went fishing and the death of the Catechist of the St. Jude’s Catholic Church, sought justice for the inhumane and devilish acts that have been going on in that community.

In the letter of petition, the community requested the presence of Herbalist Tamba Bundo to come and liberate the people of Picnicess from the hands of witches, wizards, and ritualistic killers.

In an interview, the county’s Superintendent Madam Doris N. Ylatun said upon receiving the letter of petition from the Picnicess Community members, “I immediately informed and notified my boss Minister Varney A. Sirleaf the minister of Internal Affairs, about the request of the people of Picnicess.”

She continued that the notification met the ministry’s approval of the request made by the people of Picnicess and promised to send the herbalist.

The Superintendent said the arrival of the herbalist was delayed because of the coronavirus Pandemic. In the interview Madam Ylatun said, on August 15, 2020, she received a letter from herbalist Bundo which is a permit letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs specifically the Traditional Council mandating Herbalist Bundo to cleanse and protect the Picnicess community.

As the herbalist was about to commence his operation in the county, a release from the Ministry of Internal Affairs was seen on social media dating August 17,2020 indicating that the ministry did not licensed or ordered any herbalist within or around Liberia to carry on any activity.

The Press Director at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Abraham S. Kromah confirmed that the ministry has not ordered Tamba’s operation in the county; adding that an investigating team is to arrive in the county for proper and further investigation into the matter. He made the statement in an interview via mobile phone on Grandcess Radio. This statement brought down the faces of citizens in Picnicess into total tears and sadness.

Meanwhile, herbalist Bundo in an exclusive interview with a team of reporters confirmed that he was licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the interview, he displayed before the team of reporters the license that was given or awarded to him by the Ministry of Internal Affairs; adding that he does not have a copy of the permit as he has turned it over to the County Superintendent Madam Doris N. Ylatun.

The license shows that herbalist Tamba Bundo was licensed on the 18th day of March AD 2020, recommended by Chief Swen Wleh as well as been approved by the Chief of the Traditional Council of Liberia Chief Zanzan Karwo.

While in a mood of heartbrokenness, a three men delegation representing the Picnicess community appeared on Grandcess Radio breakfast show “Good Morning Grand Kru” on Friday, August 21, 2020 to appeal to the local county authority and the county’s Legislative Caucus to help in talking or having a dialogue with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to grant or allow Tamba to continue his work in Picnicess and the County.

The delegation on the radio program said they foresee genocide in that community if the herbalist is not allowed to perform the traditional rite he has started adding that this might leave some families to go into extinction.

They narrated that people have already started fleeing the community for fear of their lives. A member of the three men delegation commented that “What is the stance of the government into this matter as the lives of the majority in Picnicess are in danger”

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