KINJOR-Grand CAPEMOUNT COUNTY: Two persons are fear dead in Police clash with protesters at the Bea Mountain facility in Kinjor, Grand CapeMount County.

Bea Mountain is a concession company operating the mining sector.

Earlier today, Dozen of citizens angrily protester against the company for alleged replacing Liberians with Turkish.

It is alleged that the Liberia National Police fired live bullets and Teargas to restore calm at concession sites in Kinjor.

The Citizens protest also came as a result of the alleged failure of the company to live up to it’s corporate social responsibilities and as well parts of the Concession agreement.

Due to the Protest, two cars were set ablaze by angry protesters while a 3month old baby was allegedly teargassed along with the mother.

The company called the Police for support in order to calm the tension raised by citizens of the area against the concession.

Citizens are said to have escaped their homes for fear of police arrest.
The Bea Mountain Concession area in Kinjor, Weajue, and Gold Camp in Grand Cape Mount County remain underdeveloped as reported by Citizens

Condemnations continue to floor various outlets over the Liberia National Police response to the protesters.

Activist Martin K.N Kollie today in a Facebook post condemned the action and called for a speedy Investigation in the matter

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