By: Jerromie S. Walters

Capitol HILL -LIBERIA: It appears complicated to figure out the genuineness and truthfulness from a reactionary kickback by the Liberia National Police against allegations of individuals being dead and the usage of live bullets by officers of the LNP against unarmed citizens following a tense protest in Cape Mount.

The Liberia National Police in its Tuesday, January 11, 2022 release, denied reports of its officers using live bullets amongst citizens as well as the killing of citizens during a heated protest at the compound of the Bea Mountain Mining Company in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County.

“The LNP clarifies that at no time was live bullet discharged, as reported by some media institutions. Due to the failure of protesters to disperse after series of constructive efforts to have them remove blockades from entrances of the mining facility, the LNP was left with no alternative, but to use tear gas as a conventional means of dispersing any group that refuses to adhere to lawful instructions”. The release justified..

As unanimous sources in the county disclosure the different ways citizens got injured through the dispute, the LNP sustained that there were absolutely no major injuries sustained by any of the protesters, but rather the were damage of the LNP IG vehicle, and a vehicle belonging to Company.

“Absolutely, no major injuries were sustained as the result of dispersing the violent protesters. Sadly, the vehicle of the Inspector General of Police was attacked with stones which the side windshield broken and a vehicle of the Bea Mountain Company set ablaze by the protesters”, the LNP release revealed.

However, commenting on the dispute on Tuesday to a local radio in Monrovia, Grand Cape Mount County Senator, Simeon Taylor blamed the Head of the National Chiefs and Elders Council of Liberia, Chief Zanzan Karwor for being the mastermind behind the recent clash between citizens of Kinjor and the Liberian National Police.

He explained that every commitment by him in having a smooth negotiation with the police authority in seeking a proper redress to the matter was ignored by the Traditional Council Chief Zanzan Karwor.

According to the Cape Mount County Senator, he believes the concerns of the residents are to be adequately addressed, as their anger is reflected on the inability of the company to attend to it social cooperate responsibilities.

Over the last few days, several citizens of the gold mining town of Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County have been protesting for days due to Bea Mountain Company alleged failure to live up to its Mineral Development Agreement (MDA).

Howbeit, Police have confirmed that peace has been restored in the area, after days of protests.

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